The thing I love about online roulette, aside from the convenience of playing from home or on my phone, is the range of games that are available. While all the games pretty much have the same basic principles, you have to bet on a number or range of numbers and spin the wheel to see if you’re a winner, each has there one little differences and strategies.

European Roulette is the standard game, with 36 numbers and a single 0, it offers players the best odds. American roulette is also 36 numbers; however, the big difference is there are two 0 pockets on the board, and while this may not seem significant, it actually double the house edge when betting on either red or black.

This really comes into play when using the Martingale system for betting. This system, or strategy, was built for games that have a 50/50 outcome. The idea is that after every loss you double your bet and eventually you’ll come out on top. There are a few obstacles for using this system in an online casino; you need to be able to withstand several losses in a row and have enough money to double down, and most legit places will have a cap on how much you can bet. This means that at some point, hopefully after a win, you’ll have to start over. If you’re going to play with the Martingale system make sure that you’re playing European, or single zero, roulette, because the odds are closer 50/50.

Mini roulette  is another game that I believe is only available in online casinos.  As the name suggests, it’s a miniature version of the regular game. Instead of the usual 36 numbers, this game goes 1-12 with a single zero. This game will increase the odds for the player when betting on a single digit, but don’t expect the same payouts when you hit your lucky number. The betting board includes all the same bets as the traditional roulette games, with betting on columns, rows, neighborhood and more.

The most interesting game was recently released by Playtech, it’s called Age of Gods roulette. This is the most unique game I’ve seen because in addition to the standard roulette rules, it also has a progressive jackpot, that can randomly be won on turn, which could equal a big payday when you win.