Okay, so this might come across as old news to many, but we thought we might want to tackle the subject and give our two cents on the entire thing.

Supposedly, you’re here because the word “sex” immediately caught your eye while skimming along through our website. If you’re wondering if we’re against this, you’d be in the wrong. We just felt like writing about the more finer things in life to enjoy.

After all, what could be more interesting than sex?

It’s everywhere—on the movies, books, our favorite TV shows, and especially all around the web! Video games are certainly no stranger to the intimate aspects of human relationships, and some, not even human.

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We can try to hide away from it. Cast it away to the back of our minds, but there’s no denying it. Watching computer generated pixels go at it each other in an attempt to mimic real life human reproduction is a guilty pleasure of which the many of us enjoy.

Video games certainly like to strike our fancy by showing a little skin here and there to provoke some excitement but some games go further and actually portraying two (sometimes more) in a tango of love.

While this isn’t normally common in most mainstream gaming that we’ve come to know and love, there have been big titles that make no apologies for their take on sexual intimacy and proudly displays it without any remorse.

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Displayed up above, The Witcher 3.