It’s that time of the year again where being single is frowned at and these folks are not backing out without a fight. With their relentless heart, they are shouting to the entire world ‘I don’t need to be with anyone just to be happy!’ RIGHT! Tell that to the next guy. Like seriously, fictional characters have better lovelife than you do! KIDDING! I am not really kidding but you know, you can take an ounce of seriousness here.

Point aside, I am here to showcase the 5 best love scenes in gaming history. For those who haven’t played the game yet, there might be some spoilers here and then. I highly advised, if you are 18 years old and below, to stop right there since it could really steamy and I might be charged for something since you might be accessing some soft adult literature.

Old but Gold. Let’s go back to a younger Ezio romanced Caterina Sforza in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. The scene where Ezio almost bared it all in that bath tub while Caterina clad in lacey nighties beguiled him so much that it proceeded with a zesty bed scene. Of course, it ended to actual explosion because their castle was about to be sacked but that moment will always stay with me.

Cullen Stanton Rutherford. Even his name is screaming sexy. That scruff, those abs, the blonde hair, those brown eyes and definitely that deep bedroom voice. He might not be one of your companions in Dragon Age Inquisition. He absolutely is a fine distraction from completing world  quests. Commander Cullen is one of the characters that you can romance with. Honestly at the start of the game, he was annoying and demanding but as soon as you interact with him the more he opens up and then you realize that inside, he has a big heart on top of a very hot face. One of the love scenes, if you progress the romance further, you will get the scene where they get on with it on top of Cullen’s office-ish table. Although there was no nudity, it was exposed latter in the game that the table was very sturdy. (wink! wink!)

I couldn’t imagine ending this list without mentioning any love scenes from The Witcher franchise. Even before, this game has been pushing provocative scenes but the recent one blew everybody away. This decision was really hard but albeit a few folks will hate me for this but the best was that of Triss and Geralt. That garden scene was everything. Triss wearing this long, beautiful, emerald tube dress exposing her best body parts. She was playing coy and hesitant but every inch of her was screaming for attraction for Geralt. That kiss, subtle and full, literally gave me goosebumps and never did I regret that romance decision.

Persona 5 – that player-named character has many options on who to romance with or simply romance them all! A lot of possibilities in this game but my favorite romance option is the Death Confidante – Tae Takemi. She’s this emo chic, doctor who sells medicines that is a valuable item if you want to survive in Metaverse. Raising your relationship not only gives you powerful medicines but unlocks romance capabilities. I know I am way off with this choice as a second placer – way behind Witcher that serves intimacy in a silver platter. But that is the whole point! That cafe scene with Takemi;  announcing the player-named character as her boyfriend gave me a huge grin. She was very straightforward with what she wanted – a ‘thorough examination’. Take note that it was established that Sojiro wasn’t around and he spent ‘some time’ alone with Takemi. It begun with a delicate kiss and ended with him taking her home since it was already late. It leaves so much to the imagination on what action took place inside his room.

TOP 1 on the list really was a shocker for me. It was erotic, visually striking and shot in first-person mode. I am talking about Far Cry 3 – Citra’s ending love scene. Spoiler warning! You are presented with two final decision; to save your best friends, including your girlfriend, or to join Citra and be their Warrior King. It was an easy choice – to be their ultimate Warrior King. Duh! After opening them throats of your friends, Citra screams to prepare the tautau to begin the ritual. The scene then opens to Citra being half-naked, her dewy mahogany skin illuminating against the stone slab and well,  moaning. You were making effing love right there and after you have ‘released your spirit’ inside her. She climbs on top of you, maybe to go for round 2 but nuh-uh! She pulls this blade and kills you with it. Then all lights went out. She is way crazier than her brother Vaas and that absolutely left me speechless and in awe for 5 minutes.

There you have it! My TOP 5. So let me know your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Any scenes that I might have missed?

To those folks who are spending hearts day solo – convinced yet? (err, maybe not Citra’s love scene)