Based on a tale of vengeance that is wound around the trials of Kratos, a Spartan Warrior, God of War is a game that has metamorphosed from bordering on his attempt at suicide (as seen in the first release) to his training his son on how to fight (as to be seen in the upcoming release).

Below are reasons why this game which is played using PlayStations system like the SCR888-based online games system, is one of the games of the millennium:

1. Awesome cinematic feel: the cinematic pleasures that ably captures the strong storyline behind. The audio is of top quality; every blood splash, sword slash, and monster roar sounded as they should have, the video content aptly described the bold, bloody, violent and sometimes gory graphic scenes that obtained in the course of the game. The awesome cinematography also comprised of the realistic animations that make players feel like they actually are in the game and not just playing it.

2. Great combat and puzzle: this game efficiently delivers to players the opportunity of playing amazing combat and puzzles, a feat that very few other games are able to pull off. The combats are energetic, interesting and powerful. The puzzles, on the other hand, are modeled according to what obtains in Greek mythology and they leave players feeling accomplished after their successful completion.

3. Great production values: the production themes added to this game which includes an awesome presentation, well-paced gameplay, quick-time scenes, efficient transfer through multiple environments, and a plethora of extra-game materials cannot be easily rivaled.

With these reasons, it can be credibly surmised that God of war, which leaves players feeling like they are climbing a peak, is indeed one of the games of the millennium.