Kimberly Mae Go – Review

It’s been 5 years since I’ve met this intelligent organism in Earth. She has changed my life and has been there for me for so long that I wished we’ve met even before 2012. But hey, the great part was that she’s part of my life now, and even be forever.

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Platform Reviewed: Human
Platform Available: Human
Developer: Aracelli Go, Jaime Go
Publisher: The Go Family
Release Date: January 23, 1990
MSRP: Her standards.

Started off in a time not so far away, I’ve walked the roads to a contact center company named Calltek International for a technical support job. After a couple of weeks in training, all of us were designated to our respective accounts. I was assigned to, unfortunately, an LOB full of shitloads of crap people — who merely pulls people down if they feel like it. It’s a long story, to be honest. But it’s quite an interesting one though, it made my life a bit exciting.

Anyway, let’s put aside shitty people and the overly long story, there is always this session with your QA after the week of your nesting — which means taking calls after training under an account trainer to cross-check if you’ve learned the technicalities and procedures. This is when I met this intelligent organism I mentioned, and her name is Kimberly Mae Go.

She’s a few years older than me, and that brown dress she wore is a piece of her that I would never forget. Her straight black long hair, and that cute nose I like to poke and stare; she caught my eye. And it came to my mind: “I know it’s early, but I’ll definitely ask her out”. It’s not easy, it was challenging. She has an aura that can definitely fend off people away, but it was different for me; it was a little more enticing so to speak.

Kimberly is not a hardcore gamer like me, she’s more of a bookish-type who is more into learning a lot of things. She’s a walking encyclopedia, as what she always like to call herself; and she’s a jack of all trades. That’s what makes her an interesting person to know. But the downside is, you’ll have a hard time doing so. There is no day that you won’t learn anything from her. I’ve been indulged with gaming like a lot, she’s exactly the opposite — but in a good and advantageous way. Through the times I’ve learned a lot, and that’s what made me a better man today.

What else makes her great is that she fully supports my hobby. I was never a person who likes to read and even write, but since the day came that I want to write in the gaming industry, she’s my teacher. Kim’s knowledge is beyond great, she knows a lot of things and I’ve learned pretty much a handful. Aside from learning how to write well, I adapted her personality of being straightforward. It was never a bad thing, some may say that it is, but being transparent and honest to a person (almost similar to constructive criticism) is actually a good thing. That’s what also makes Kim a great partner, she’s open to anything and she does not tend to sugarcoat for you to learn something properly.

There was never a time that she stops caring for you, she gets intense and nervous whenever you’re in a bad state. She will do everything to make you feel better, and this is how she always put you first. She never thinks of herself first other than you. Making you happy is the best achievement she can accomplish, and that what makes her one of a kind.

When there’s a good side, there will always be a bad side. The struggle is definitely real when it comes to arguing with Kim. I mean, you’re up against a very intelligent organism that can quickly defend with just a second. Defending is just a part of it, when you break her trust, it’s forever broken. It leaves a scar or, let’s say, a crack even when its fixed. It’s like a mirror and a paper — when you crumple it, then it’s forever crumpled. You get the point. And that’s when the headache starts. She usually calls and asks you where you are and what you’re doing. It can get annoying, yes, but consequences happen when you do effed up something. I did things, yes, and I know it won’t be forever fixed, but I’m doing every bit of my best to make up for everything.

It’s Valentines Day, and I would like to go for another way of writing this love letter of mine, and hey, everyone can read it. Kim, if you’re reading this, you know that I love you so much. And there is never a time that I stopped caring and loving you. Even if I get furious, or even, get awfully angry, that will just pass. You are the Elena from Uncharted in my life, you know where to find me, and even understand and support my hobby. I’m sorry for everything, and you know that I will do my very best to make it up to you. I know this letter is quite long, and kind of bit cheesy, but it’s something new; and that’s what I’m planning for every Valentines Day — to make every letter and message unique in all possible way.

I love you, Kimberlychii.

Score? 10/10!

Happy Valentines Day!