Beta Release of MidBoss

Explore a Randomly Generated Dungeon by Possessing the Bodies of Your Enemies

Kitsune Games ( ) announced
today the open beta release of MidBoss. MidBoss is a roguelike, randomly
generated dungeon crawler where the player begins as the weakest of the
dungeon denizens, a lowly imp with only one ability – possessing the
enemies it defeats. By defeating enemies and possessing them, players
gain more power by possessing new monster forms, unlocking additional
skills, and collecting equipment to progress through the dungeon until
they reach its ultimate endboss. The newly released beta version
features major upgrades which greatly expand upon the previous alpha
release including a new, dynamic item system which interacts with the
players’ possessed forms and abilities and an optional potion system in
which mysterious bottled liquids found throughout the dungeon have
randomly generated effects on the player.

The beta version of MidBoss is currently available as a free download
for Windows at , with Linux and Mac versions coming soon.
MidBoss is also available with an Early Adopter Discount, in which a
customer may purchase MidBoss at a reduced price. Purchasing the Early
Adopter discount supports future development of the game as well as
unlock all future updates of MidBoss for free, including its future
commercial release. The Early Adopter version is available for purchase
at for $7.00 USD.