Slot machines are popular entertainment machines that have spread across the entire globe for people to enjoy. Some countries tend to express more interest in slot machines than others, which is an interesting topic in itself. There are some interesting statistics in regard to which countries express the most interest in slots, compared to others.

Slot Machines – #5 Country (Mexico)

Mexico comes in as the fifth most popular country for online slots, according to Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner data. Approximately two thousand people have searched for online slots in Mexico over the course of the last year.

More and more individuals from Mexico are starting to play online slots at regulated online casinos. This bodes well for North America, considering Mexico’s northern neighbor, the United States, is currently divided in terms of whether they can legally support online slots in a number of different states.

Slot Machines – #4 Country (Canada)

Canada’s population has really expressed interest into participating within the online gaming environment and expresses the fourth highest interest in online slot machines. Canada brings in a fifty-percent gain in search queries compared to Mexico. Local laws within Canada can express gray area in the environment of online gaming.

Slot Machines – #3 Country (Italy)

Italy pops into third place when taking a look at how popular online slot machines are to their country’s population. This is a rather unexpected country to show up on the list. Italy has enjoyed a recent spike in online casino popularity after local laws changed in 2011.

Slot Machines – #2 Country (United States of America)

The United States of America have been rather divided in terms of the legality of online slot machines. There is a known interest towards online casinos, and particularly online slot machines, but differentiating local laws in each state can often generate a large amount of gray area when trying to determine the legality of online gambling on slot machines.

This second-place country triples what Italy’s search queries were in the last year, reaching approximately twenty thousand search results. Only time will tell if the United States is able to efficiently regulate online slots from a federal perspective. There is no question that the population expresses large amounts of interest for the gaming market, and for now, many of the citizens within the country will be forced to look towards black market and off-shore online casinos.

Slot Machines – #1 Country (United Kingdom)

There is no question that the United Kingdom stands alone at the top of the online slot machine market. The UK successfully possesses some of the world’s greatest online casinos that offer slot machines for the public.

According to Google tools, there are nearly thirty thousand search queries per year towards online slot machines.