Didn’t you know that you can run and play such legendary games as Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Tekken 5 on your Android device? It is easy to play most amazing console games on your phone with the help of a good simulator you will be able to install with our help.

Undoubtedly, Android games are a good source of fun for lots of players. Nevertheless, good old consoles have undeniable privileges over phones and tablets. There are a good number of games initially developed for gaming consoles, which means that they are not suitable for Android platform. Therefore, true lovers of Resident Evil or Ratchet and Clank may find themselves bitterly disappointed with the fact that their favorite Android does not provide them with the tool to play their favorite PlayStation games. Still, there is no need to get upset. The good news is that there is a way to run console games on your Android device.
We bet you have heard about such a thing as an emulator. All you need to do is to get this program on your phone, download the terrific PS2 ISOS, and immerse yourself in the world of adventures, heroic feats, and exploits.

Yep, while your friends keep playing those modern Android games, you will be able to avail yourself of what is rightly considered to be gaming classics. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Simpsons, and Time Crisis are waiting for you!

Now, we suppose, it is high time you took a look at the list of the greatest PS2 emulators for Android.

Damon PS2 Pro

Please, meet a premium PS2 emulator Damon PS2 Pro that can boast of almost highest performance among the existing emulators of this category. The common problem many emulators share is their inability to run many high-profile games on an Android device, which may result in users’ dissatisfaction and annoyance. Still, this is definitely not about Damon. The given simulator is capable of impeccable running almost 90 % of the existing PS2 games. There is also one thing you should know. The Damon PS2 Pro also makes it possible for you to use cheat codes. Also note that the simulator cannot be downloaded for free. So, you will need to purchase it from a reliable source to be able to start enjoying playing your favorite console game on a phone.


The FPse emulator is another cool program that can be successfully utilized by those coveting to relish the PS2 experience on their Android gadgets. Thus simulator makes the chosen game run in compliance with the device specifications. Moreover, with this simulator you can rest assured that the game graphics won’t suffer, as a result. The sound quality is another bonus the FPse will surely please you with. You are free to save your game at any level and then resume it without losing the progress.
This is not all. With FPse you will be able to use your Smartphone as a mini gaming console. Just make sure that the controller you intend to use is compatible with your device.

Gold PS2 Emulator

The Gold PS2 emulator can come handy for those gamers who value quality above all. With this tool you won’t be able to tell between playing on a real console and running a console game with the help of a PS2 emulator. The experience and the emotions you get from the game will be virtually the same. Avail yourself of the emulator’s physical control option, as well. With its help, you will have the same joysticks and real-time buttons inherent in the original console. Believe, real-time controllers with make your experience with the gaming icons truly unforgettable.

There is also great news for battery conscious guys abhorring the very idea of recharging their devices several times a day. The Gold PS2 emulator won’t overburden your Smartphone due to its being lightweight and thus economical. So, no worries about the battery!