For many decades now, there has been one type of device that has been continually used for gaming and that is the gaming console. While the design and capability of these gaming consoles have changed significantly over the years, their popularity for use by serious gamers have not been dampened. Today’s popular Xbox One and PS4 are much more powerful that the Atari gaming systems used in the 80’s. In keeping with the times, these devices will evolve in the future making some consider what exactly they will be able to accomplish.


Cloud Gaming

Gaming consoles have traditionally relied on disc based gaming. Users would purchase a disc to insert within the device and then play their game. This technology is becoming rather obsolete given the ease of downloading games and storing them on the cloud. Not only is this less expense, it also makes it possible to access one’s games from anywhere with a broadband connection. Some consoles store games locally on the device. This uses up precious resources and may actually slow the game down in some instances. Cloud gaming provides a greater amount of overall storage meaning gamers can have access to more games at one. With this change to console gaming, there is sure to be a drive to develop more games that can be accessed in this manner.


Virtual Reality

3D technology has been around for a long time but it wasn’t until recently that it was able to be used practically without extremely high costs. This sort of technology is also popular for gaming screens. With consumers wanting to be a part of the action, virtual reality will definitely be part of the future. Improved VR technology has made it more useful for gaming. For instance, the Oculus Rift is a head mounted display that can be used with video gaming. With a large field of view and 3D imaging, VR is definitely the future of gaming, making the gamer an active participant within the game itself.  


Facial Recognition

With the addition of 3D VR technology, systems are likely to provide some sort of technology that scans and recognizes your face. This can transfer your likeness into the game where it becomes an avatar. The technology could go even further by detecting emotions. The scanner would have to hone in one almost 80 facial points to put together the emotion of the gamer. How will this impact your game? Say the game detects that you seem upset or sad, it may instantly be able to reduce the difficulty of the game.

Gaming consoles continue to be in demand by serious gamers. Without a doubt, the consoles of the future will be varied leading gamers to evolve with them.