Gaming is an ever-changing area, where trends come and go very quickly. The recent obsession of the community is games of the Battle Royale genre. Fortnite and PUBG are dedicated entirely to such shotouts. Big and well-known game-titles, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, add Battle Royale mode to catch the hype.

Still, there are many skeptics on a long life for this genre. It’s just a matter of time when the attention of gamers will be distracted by something new and absolutely exciting. Also, there are so many games of the classic shooting genre that survived countless waves of other trends.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Far Cry 5, Rainbow Six Siege, Doom – are these games competitive to Battle Royale madness? An even more significant question is – where to invest your time and energy for getting excitement both now and in the future?

Gaming excitement

The first thing gamers want to get from games is a fun time, joy from the playing process. So, which differences we have here?

Battle Royale

Most titles of this genre have no story modes at all. Players jump onto a limited area and just begin to fight each other. Only one guy or one team will survive and get the victory. What kind of a story can you put behind such gameplay?

Internal progress in such games is somewhat limited. Your character doesn’t become stronger with more playing sessions, his weapon remains the same – those things you could find on the virtual map. Only your skills as a player are developing, and sometimes your in-game account gains experience points to allow playing with opponents of the same level.

The developers try to save their products from repetitiveness – and they do this perfectly well. Safe areas are random, so you move to different places on the maps. Weapons and equipment appear in different places, so you never know what you’ll fight with. New maps appear regularly, time-limited events and seasons try to involve players in the process even more.

Battle Royale matches are full of powerful emotions. Sometimes they are positive, but very often players might feel frustrated because of their losses. It’s not the best feeling when your character dies almost immediately after landing.

So, this genre offers lots of gaming excitement but not without dark aspects, of course.

Classic shooters

Here we have many various stories, which become not only single-player adventures but sometimes also a kind of training for multiplayer shootouts. These stories are so amazing, they give much vaster emotional spectrum than Battle Royale. Sometimes you are on the World War II accomplishing significant missions. Sometimes you are in fantastic worlds, or on the Earth of a parallel dimension… From the story point of view, classic shooting games win with no doubts.

The internal progress often follows the story. Many games unlock new areas, give additional skills and more powerful weapons. You are involved in a fast and perceptive development – it comes along with skill improvement and gives special satisfaction.

Many multiplayer shooters have no stories, and here they are on the same level as Battle Royale, no better no worse. Frustration of playing team-based shooters might also be very powerful – especially if your teammates… aren’t really good, and you just have no ways to play without a team, on your own.

Community and social activity

Playing tete-a-tete with your device is not a way of modern gaming. Virtual adventures are expanded to the level of social activity – we share our achievements on Facebook and Twitter, we meet other players at tournaments and gaming conferences (such as Gamescom). What about social activity in the discussed game genres?

Battle Royale

Playing such games is a deep social experience – players interact with each other through the virtuality. The negative side here is the attitude of this interaction, which is based on aggression. Many Battle Royale games offer other ways of communications, such as adding virtual friends and creating teams, sharing in-game resources and items.

Esports tournaments for this genre is a fresh phenomenon, which became very popular for a very short time. Players have lots of possibilities to gather together and become real friends – this is just wonderful.

Classic shooters

On the one hand, these games aren’t really social. Single-player modes are all about doing something alone. On the other hand, sooner or later you’ll finish this single-adventure and move to multiplayer modes. Everything becomes different here. In most of the multiplayer shooters you just pushed to coordinate your actions with teammates, otherwise, it’s not possible to win.

Classic shooters exist much longer, so their community is formed and stable.  Players look where to sell or buy CS:GO skins and find virtual companions, passionate about the same game. Players visit huge Esports tournaments, which are conducting for many years already, and get friends, fans of the same team.

Social communications in classic shooters are well-formed and penetrate gamers’ life quite deeply.

Prospects for the future

No one can tell for sure how long the Battle Royale hype will continue. It’s rather unlikely that these games will disappear totally – we can expect less new games and modes of this genre, but the biggest titles will remain and will be developing.

Classic shooters have very bright prospects! This genre is one of the most popular in gaming for very long time (since the release times of the original Doom), and there are no signs of gamers losing their interest in virtual shootouts. We can freely expect more new shooting games coming in the future – the genre gives much more creative space for developers.

What to play – that is the question…

The key feature of many big modern games is the required amount of time you should invest in them to become a good player or even just to become able to feel the gaming excitement. So, the choice of the genre and a particular game is not so idle.

Battle Royale is on the hype nowadays, and it’s filled with excitement to the max. This will continue some time and then many players may leave the genre and begin enjoying something different. It’s not too late to participate in the Battle Royale obsession and feel it by your own experience. Maybe you will be among those loyal guys who will remain with these games in the future.

Classic shooters are in the basis of the gaming culture. In many aspects, they are a better choice. Time, spent here, will be rewarded with powerful positive emotions and the feeling of being a part of the community.

It’s always nice to make your own decisions about which games to play. Getting information from other gamers is a good way to discover something new on the topic, to feel it from a different angle – that’s the point of this article. But no one can tell you what is better for your personal gaming experience. Be yourself and let gaming make you happier.