Gaming trends come and go – battle royale dominated 2018, while VR is always stated to dominate the future, and first-person shooters and intensive campaign games dominated the recent past. But there are certain unflappable trends in the face of public opinion, that maintain their popularity regardless of what the rest of gaming is doing: while casino games occasionally take influence from and give influence to other realms of gaming, they can stand the test of the time just like the traditional games they are based on. So let’s take a look at the top casino games for PC.

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The game of roulette is based on spinning a wheel and hoping the numbers or colors you picked crop up. The excitement of roulette comes from the moment the wheel begins to spin and the bets have been placed – regardless of where the roulette wheel is, you’ll feel the same tension as you wait to find out the fate of your bet. The rounds can also go quickly. Granted, you can take time weighing the odds on whether it’s better to choose red or black, but you can also just place it all on 17 black and hope for the best, making it a game that doesn’t necessarily require too much time invested in it and is a captivating game to play on the PC.


Poker remains one of the most popular PC games for several reasons. Not only does it require some deep thinking and strategic analysis, it also requires a level of interpersonal strength as you attempt to bluff and double bluff to last longer in the game with a weaker hand. Some professional poker players have made a career of straight up deceiving their fellow players and playing poker truly enables you to hone your emotional intelligence, improving your abiliy to react to situations. The advent of live casino on the PC shows us how one of the more popular online casino games has brought the edge back to poker: players are able to practice how they would react in order to effectively bluff and double bluff in the real life game. This element takes advantage of modern technology that utilizes the functions of a PC.

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For some, poker and the other card games represent too much thinking and strategy, when all they really want to do is relax and escape into a game. That’s why slots remain popular as a PC game: they require less skill than poker and less tension than roulette. Another benefit of slots is that they are often themed – whether this is something more broad such as Ancient Egypt or Greek mythology or something more niche such as Marvel, DC or Family Guy. Branded slots – such as those created by Microgaming – enable players to connect and engage with a franchise they enjoy while they lose themselves in the escapism that the game offers. Players can sit back and relax on their PC and choose to spend as long or as little on the game as they want, without having to go to the trouble of booting up a console or downloading an app. 

Ultimately, traditional casino games are always going to be popular to play on the PC as the excitement and thrill that they offer can be perfectly replicated by standard PC functionalities. As such, the games are basically designed to appeal to those interested in playing on a PC, hence their popularity for this medium.