4 Great Video Games You Can Also Play in a Casino

When we think about video games, images of gaming consoles and quirky Gameboys tend to spring to mind. We relive moments from our childhood with Super Mario and other retro joys, eager to relive it all over again, but there are many ways to do it – and not all of them involve video games. Today, you can also visit an online casino.

People love nostalgia. Seeing things from our childhood evokes a sense of contentment, which is why retro-themed games in all shapes and forms continue to be popular – but it’s often the feeling we like rather than the game itself. 

Super Mario

Super Mario is a good example of that. Dating back to the 1980s, many generations have enjoyed playing it as children, which gives it a huge following. Although it used to be reserved for Nintendo alone, nowadays you can play Super Mario in numerous ways. There’s the desktop version. Game consoles. Even casino slot machines, online as well as in casino venues. After many years of banning gambling, the US is legalizing it at rapid speed, so it’s easy to find a Super Mario-themed casino game from home. You can learn about American casino games here.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is yet another classic that can be played in numerous ways and styles. As a big franchise consisting of nine core games in its series, it’s easy to find casino games with a Resident Evil theme. You can even get a set of cards featuring all the best heroes and villains. Besides, many online casinos offer free spins and bonuses when you first visit their sites, making it easy to give it a try without making a big commitment.


Hitman is made for casino slot machines in dark, low-lit rooms. Despite its somewhat sinister theme, it’s great fun to see the weapons and tools spinning around as you wait for your lucky break. It’s slick, smooth, and occasionally terrifying. And if it makes you eager for more, it’s easy to find the game for your desktop too, with many old versions available online.

Street Fighter

If you love the idea of Japanese martial arts, then chances are you will love Street Fighter. It was originally released as an arcade game in Japan in 1987, making it a natural one for the casinos to pick up. Since its release, there have been numerous games in the series, including spin-offs, and it’s safe to say that Street Fight has inspired game developers across the globe.

Next steps

If you are keen on more gaming, you can also check out the most anticipated games of 2022. Who knows? They might soon turn into casino games too. Getting your very own slot machine is often a testament to a game’s greatness – something the big developers are bound to aspire towards. Playing games is fun and nowadays there are so many ways you can do it.