4 Ways to Get Card Packs in KARDS

KARDS is a digital strategy card game accessible to anyone in the world.

When you play KARDS, you are transferred to the World War II battlefield, where you need to take command and challenge other gamers in warfare.

You dispose of military Units, and Orders in the form of cards, which you use to combat and win in various battles on the ground, air, or sea.

Consequently, cards are the essence of KARDS.

One of the most crucial features of the game is building up a stellar card deck allowing you to adopt a winning strategy and fight your opponents.

What card types there are in KARDS?

In the game you can split cards by their rarity, and distinguish Standard, Limited, Special, and Elite cards.

Nevertheless, it is the type of cards that determine actions in the game. There are:

  • Units representing a deployable element on the battlefield,
  • Orders provoking a one-time effect or action,
  • Countermeasures cancelling other players’ Orders.

Consequently, you need a great combination of all these card types to build up your strength on the battlefield.

At the beginning of the game, you are equipped with a basic card package. From there, you can start crafting your card collection and strengthening your position.

You can get cards individually, but you can also opt for getting card packs. They will equip you with different sets of cards that will speed up building up your deck.

Therefore, how to get card packs in KARDS?

4 ways to get card packs in KARDS

1# MillionPugs browser extension

First of all, you can use the MillionPugs browser extension that allows you to collect in-game items for KARDS, and other popular games in exchange for points called pugs™.

You earn pugs™ once you shop online at any of the almost 2000 affiliated brands, like, for example:

  • Aliexpress,
  • New Balance,
  • Grubhub,
  • Answear,

and many others.

The best part about MillionPugs is that you don’t need to change anything in your shopping habits, as you probably frequent at least a few of the listed stores.

Therefore, the only step that separates you from getting a Breakthrough Officer Pack, or a Legions Officer Pack is creating a MillionPugs account and starting the collection of points.

It is worth mentioning that MillionPugs grants you some welcome bonuses with additional pugs™. Consequently, the collection of pugs™ at the beginning is smooth, easy, and you can quickly redeem points for desired card packs for KARDS.

In the game, you can purchase card packs for gold.

Gold is the in-game currency, which can be earned for:

  • achievements,
  • completing daily missions,
  • winning battles.

In order to get a Base Pack you need 10 gold, while to buy a Breakthrough Officer Pack you need 30.

Once you collect a sufficient amount of gold, all you need to do is go to the in-game shop and purchase the desired pack.

3# Rewards

Moreover, card packs can be rewarded at the end of the season. The more ranks you unlock, the better rewards you can get. For example, at the end of season 8, you could get up to 4 card packs for unlocking 30 ranks.

Card packs can also be rewarded during special events. Therefore, it is worthwhile to keep up with the latest news, not to miss out on any opportunity to earn card packs.

4# Real-money

Finally, you can also get card packs for real money.

It is the quickest and probably the easiest method of equipping yourself with powerful card packs. It may not be the most affordable option, but once you need a quick boost of cards, it can be a perfect solution.

All in all, card packs are a great source of cards in KARDS and can speed up building up your deck. There are multiple ways you can use to get card packs, such as using the MillionPugs browser extension, which is an easy and effortless way of doing so.

Moreover, you can get card packs in exchange for gold in the in-game store, as a reward at the end of a season, or during a special event. Last but not least, there is also an option to get card packs for real money.

All of the above methods are effective, and it is only up to you how much effort you are willing to make to get the card packs you need.