A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Building a Magicka Nightblade for ESO

ESO – the Elder Scrolls Online – is a highly popular video game that has taken the role-playing gaming (RPG) genre by storm ever since it was released in 2014. Based on the type of gameplay, ESO is fundamentally a massively multiplayer online RPG or MMORPG game. Hence, the game requires certain decisions while you progress through the ranks that determine where you are or what you do in the virtual world. ESO provides you with a multitude of options that might suck the fun out of your gameplay in no time if not chosen based on your style.

Nightblade is a class in ESO that you can choose at the beginning of the game. This is one of the most desired classes in the game, and for good reasons too. In this article, we have tried to explain all the nitty-gritty of playing ESO as a nightblade. This is a complete walkthrough and ideal for beginners.

The Skills of a Magicka Nightblade

For any game involving character development, the most important aspect to focus on is the skillset. The character you control needs to be convenient to use, maintain, and upgrade. Giving it the skills suited to your gameplay can improve your performance and in-game progression. You can read a complete Nightblade build ESO for all the details you need. Remember that you can either go with a healer build or a damage dealer (DD) build for your Magicka. Following is a list of things to keep in mind while playing or opting to play with a Magicka Nightblade.

Weapon-based Skills

Weapon skills are not the most exciting for beginners in the game. New players usually feel the need to develop the class skills, but more on that later. Magicka Nightblades benefit from the Wall of Elements weapon skill along with the morphs. This allows the Magicka to deal deadly area of effect (AoE) damage to all surrounding enemies. If your character is playing alone on the battlefield, the Elemental Drain skill is beneficial for sustainability and quick-fire kills. As for weapon-based ultimate skills, the Elemental Storm is sensational for dealing mass damage that can diabolically wipe out entire factions of enemy hordes.

Free-flowing action games like ESO require fluent bursts of skills from the characters to quickly transition through the difficult stages. Make sure you choose the weapon you are the most comfortable with. A weapon like a bow needs a slight amount of time to load and eject the arrow, whereas a melee weapon is faster to sway and deal damage.

Dual wield weapons are ideal for maximum efficiency in damage dealing, although they do decrease the defensive stances and stats of your character. Skills like Whirling Blades, Rapid Strikes, Shrouded Daggers, or Deadly Cloak are all highly powerful spammables for a Magicka Nightblade in ESO. Only a true gamer would perceive just how crucial a good spammable can be in the quest for being the top gamer around. Try using Cleave or Wrecking Blow if you are using a Two-Handed weapon, as these are the best of the lot in this category. Dizzying Swing and Reverse Slash are also great options and can be accessed quite early in the game.

Class-based Skills

Class skills have a few sub-categories that make the whole idea broad and complex. The category includes Assassination, Shadow, and Siphoning. These are skill classifications that determine your gameplay to a great extent. As the name suggests, the Assassination category solely focuses on dealing damage, while Shadow mostly specializes in stealth. We recommend this to players who prefer playing as support. Lastly, the Siphoning category is dedicated to in-game healers and players who do not like fighting from the front line.

The Assassination class attracts the most beginners due to the hack and slash nature of it. Death Stroke is arguably the most overpowered ultimate in the entire game. While it requires a tough build-up, it certainly is worth the effort once fully pumped up and ready to fire. Soul Harvest and Incapacitating Strike are also great Assassination skills that deal a lot of damage. You can opt for the Assassin’s Blade skill to kill enemies faster instead of dealing insane damage for overkills.

Certain shadow skills are highly popular due to the mechanism involved. Shadow Cloak and Consuming Darkness are extremely effective if you plan on dealing damage with stealth attacks. For AoE options, the Path of Darkness can be used to wreak havoc among enemy ranks before they even see you.

Finally, Siphoning skills like Malevolent Offering are perfect for players focusing on healing instead of dealing damage. In fact, if you want to perform both, try using Swallow Soul, as this would heal your Magicka Nightblade proportional to the damage dealt. The options are seemingly manifold. You just need the right information to choose your ideal fit.

Settling Into the Game

As mentioned earlier, knowing the right skills covers most of the effort required to begin playing ESO. Once you know the skills that you need to focus on, start spending more hours in the game. Try to level up by completing challenges and grinding as much as possible.

The game features passive skills for every type of character. These are obtained at certain levels only. Hence, it is crucial to level your Magicka up as rapidly as possible. These passive skills not only introduce new dynamics to the gameplay but also significantly enhance the power and effectiveness of the existing skills. Some of the best passive skills of a Magicka Nightblade are Hemorrhage, Refreshing Shadows, Soul Siphoner, Ancient Knowledge, Annulment, and a few more. Make sure you do your research before unlocking these passives to reap the maximum rewards.


Elder Scrolls Online is an absolutely massive game that has no end to the in-game resources available to players. The game releases new content like maps and characters at regular intervals. It is supported in various consoles – including the PS4, which is being ignored by most newly released games. The challenges are numerous and keep on getting more difficult with each level you progress through. Starting vast games like these requires a certain level of knowledge on the genre if the player is totally new in it. Make sure you are ready with all the necessary information regarding your Magicka Nightblade before diving into the treacherous realms of ESO.