Available now on iOS Striker Arena

Wizcorp announced today that Striker Arena is now out on iTunes. After being successfully funded on Kickstarter, iOS players will be able to get their hand on this 2 player tactical-action soccer game set in a fantasy world. The Android version of the game will be available this spring.

On a distant planet, ancient tribes have settled their wars through an old brutal discipline, the Soccer of the Gods. Once every ten years, tribes gather in the Striker Arena tournament to battle each other under the authority of their Emperor. Each tribe enlists the bravest and fiercest of their kin to fight for glory. These few are known as the Strikers. Their spilt blood and sweat in the arena feeds the Emperor’s ever growing lust for true transcendence.

Players control a Strikers team from one of the old tribes. Their objective is to get the ball, pass it, and shoot it in to the arena vortex. As they try to score, they will be able to move their players, intercept opponent passes, and swipe the screen to make passes and shots. Players have to pick up special abilities on the field to tackle, punch and blast whoever gets in their way! Depending on how many goals they score, the Emperor will send them to their death or Striker’s heaven. There are no fouls in the Soccer of the Gods, so unleash hell on the field!

Watch the teaser:

Download the game on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/striker-arena/id922828694?mt=8

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