Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Halsin Companion Build Guide (BG3)

Best Halsin Build Baldur's Gate 3 cover

Halsin is one of the potential companions you can recruit in Baldur’s Gate 3. This Druid has a lot of potential for powerful builds that make him a strong asset to your party. We made this guide to help you make the best Halsin build in Baldur’s Gate 3.

BG3: Best Halsin Build

Halsin is a powerful Druid shapeshifter with the ability to turn into several animals which can lead to complex builds. Follow along our guide for the best build you can make for Halsin.

Halsin is locked as a Wood Elf and he’s only recruited as a companion so you can’t play him as one of your Origin characters. As a wood elf, Halsin has faster walking speed at 10.5m thanks to his Fleet of Foot. He’ll also have a proficiency bonus for Stealth Checks and his Darkvision makes him useful for those Underdark expeditions.

Best BG3 Halsin Class

The best Halsin build is his Druid class which has a lot of versatility but we should focus on his Circle of the Moon subclass that allows him to transform into multiple animals. This lets you focus on being a pure damage dealer by changing into different forms. Halsin already has Druid as his default class which you should keep upon recruiting him.

Druids can be pretty great defensive and support characters but what they really center around on is their ability to control nature. They can turn the Earth and her creatures against their enemies. Because of this they have access to a large variety of spells that focus on elemental damage.

With the exception of his Race among other things, you can respec almost everything about Halsin. Just talk to Withers at your camp who’ll offer to do it for you at a price. This is what you should make him to be:

  • Race: Wood Elf
  • Class: Druid
  • Subclass: Circle of the Moon
  • Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Insight

Best BG3 Halsin Ability Score

For Halsin’s ability score, you should make it like this:

  • Strength: 9
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Constitution: 16
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Wisdom: 17
  • Charisma: 8

You should focus on investing points into Halsin’s Wisdom, Dexterity, and Constitution stats as these are the primary abilities that he’ll benefit from as a Druid. Although Intelligence should be one of the primary traits of a Druid, this build is focusing on Halsin’s ability to shapeshift and deal damage to enemies. So he needs to have DEX and CON so he can fight on the front lines.

Best BG3 Halsin Subclass

The best subclass for Halsin is the Circle of the Moon. This is important as this prioritizes on his ability to Wild Shape into different ferocious animals as a Druid. Here’s what this subclass gives you:

  • Combat Wild Shape: You can transform into a beast as an action. You can transform twice before needing a Short Rest.
  • Lunar Mend: You can expend spell slots to heal when you’re in Wild Shape Form.
  • Bear: As soon as you pick Circle of the Moon, you can Wild Shift into a bear.

It’s important to note that while you’re in the shape of any of the beasts, you can cast spells or talk. However instead of being out of commission once your Hit Points reach 0, Halsin reverts back into being his wood elf self with his HP prior to transforming remaining the same.

The Circle of the Moon gives you bonuses for when using Wild Shape. Because of Halsin being able to transform to multiple different animals he’ll benefit a lot by choosing this subclass. His transformation are aided by his Combat Wild Shape.

Best BG3 Halsin Spells & Cantrips

As Halsin levels up, he’ll gain access to new spells and cantrips. Here’s what we recommend you get per level:

Level 1

At Level 1, Halsin won’t have access to his Wild Shape just yet. So focus on cantrips and spells with offensive capabilities until he levels up. Here’s what we recommend for this level:


  • Thorn Whip: Cast a whip that strikes enemies from a range and brings them closer to you. Pierces and pulls enemies for up to 9m and useful for bringing in enemies before transforming.
  • Shillelagh: Your staff or club deals magical bludgeoning damage. Uses Spellcasting Ability for rolls.


  • Animal Friendship: Convince a beast to be neutral and not attack you.
  • Entangle: Slow creatures within an area with the possibility of Entangling them.
  • Healing Word: Heals an ally you can see. Has pretty good distance at around 18m and with Halsin’s Darkvision this isn’t a problem to cast.
  • Thunderwave: Cast a cloud of thunderous forces that pushes away everyone and everything. When you’re surrounded by too many enemies before you can Wild Shift, this is a useful spell to cast.

Level 2

At Level 2 you can finally pick your subclass which should be Circle of the Moon. What’s great about this is that you can Wild Shape into a bear that can goad enemies into focusing on attacking it. You can heal yourself when you’re in trouble with Lunar Mend.

You get a Level 1 spell slot. Here’s what we recommend for this level:

  • Faerie Fire: Conjure a light where targets within the light become visible. Attack Rolls against visible enemies have Advantage.

Level 3

At Level 3 you get to cast Level 2 spells which you can choose two of. Here’s what we recommend for this level:

  • Mirror Image: Create 3 duplicates of yourself that distracts attackers. Each duplicates gives you a +3 in Armour Class. When you’re Hit Points reaches 0 when in Wild Shape and you turn back into regular Halsin, use this to get out of a bind.
  • Hold Person: Keep a person contained who won’t be able to move. Attacks within 3m are always critical hits.

Level 4

Every four levels you can pick between a feat or increasing your Ability Score. At Level 4, choose to increase your Wisdom as not many feats for the Druid are all the important. You will be able to pick a cantrip of your choice along with a Level 2 spell slot. Here’s what we recommend for this level:


  • Guidance: Gives someone a bonus to help them pass Ability Checks.


  • Flaming Sphere: Summon a sphere of flames that damages nearby enemies and objects. This also casts a light for darker areas which is useful when you’re in the Underdark for your teammates.

At this level Halsin will be able to learn another skill for Wild Shape thanks to his chosen subclass. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Dire Raven: Halsin can Wild Shape into a raven which not only allows him avoid attention and blind enemies. You can use this outside of combat to make Halsin scout for enemies up ahead.

Level 5

At Level 5, you’ll gain access to 2 new Level 3 spells. These are some pretty powerful spells so pick carefully. Here are the spells we recommend you take:

  • Sleet Storm: Summon a storm that douses fires, creates and icy surface, and interrupts concentration against enemy spellcasters. It has a pretty massive area of effect at 9m which has a good reach.
  • Call Lightning: Summons a lightning to hit targets within range. For each turn, you can call down lightning again without using a spell slot.

At this level you’ll also get Wild Strike which allows you to attack again while you’re in Wild Shape. This allows you to be aggressive with any of your forms.

Level 6

You’ll get two new Wild Shape forms at Level 6 as well as an additional feature courtesy of Halsin’s subclass. Here’s what you can expect at this level:

  • Panther: Halsin can Wild Shift into a panther which can prowl unseen. It has a 45 base Hit Point which increases every 2 levels.
  • Owlbear: Halsin can transform into an Owlbear that can Rupture the ground. Has a starting 65 Hit Points which increases every two levels.
  • Primal Strike: Halsin overcomes resistance to non-magical damage that enemies have as his strikes in beast form counts as magic damage.

Level 7

At Level 7 you’ll finally get access to Level 4 spells. Here’s what we recommend you take:

  • Conjure Woodland Beings: Summons friendly fey creatures by your side.
  • Dominate Beast: Allows you to brainwash a beast to fight by your side for 10 turns. Every the the beast is hit, it does a Saving Throw with Wisdom check to break free.

Level 8

At Level 8 you can pick between a feat and increasing your ability points. You also get another spell and animal for your Wild Shape. Go ahead and increase your Wisdom by another 2 points instead of picking a feat. Here’s what you can expect to get in this level:

  • Sabre-Toothed Tiger: Halsin can transform into a Sabre-Tooth which shreds through armour and regenerates hit points.

BG3 Best Halsin Companions

Here are the best companions to take with Halsin:

  • Shadowheart: As a Cleric, you need a dedicated healer. While Druid’s like Halsin have some support abilities, it’s best not to count on him to keep your team in top shape.
  • Astarion: Halsin can work really well with Astarion with his ability to take attention from enemies allowing this Rogue to sneak up behind and deal fatal damage.

Because Druids are capable of being mostly anything, you don’t want to rely too much on Halsin being your dedicated healer. Characters like Shadowheart are much better for it especially with this build focusing on Halsin’s ability to Wild Shape into different animals.

How to Recruit Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3?

You can recruit Halsin after rescuing him from the Goblin Camp where he’s transformed into a bear and fighting back against his captors. Accept his request to kill the three goblin leaders and he’ll agree to escort you to the Moonrise Towers. After reaching the Last Light Inn and helping Thaniel, you can ask Halsin to join your party for good.

You won’t be able to recruit Halsin until Act 2 of the game. He’ll only stick around as an advisor in your camp until then. Because of how he’s placed, Halsin is an exclusive party member who can’t be recruited with Minthara. Since you need to kill all three Goblin leaders this puts you at odds with another recruitable companion, Minthara.

Halsin wasn’t originally meant to be a companion and couldn’t be so in the Early Access. However the full release of Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to recruit him like any other.

Can You Romance Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Romance Halsin

Halsin can be romanced in Act 2 after you’ve saved him from the goblins and he’s taken you to the Moonrise Towers. However what makes Halsin interesting is that you can flirt with him before officially recruiting him to your party. And unlike many others in your party, Halsin is okay with polyamory.

Romancing Halsin will have no affect on this build however it’s important that you do pick dialogue options that he’ll approve of otherwise he could get angry with you enough to leave. We have a guide for how to romance each companion to ensure that doesn’t happen.