Best PlayStation 4 Video Games – Review

The Last of Us Part II PS4 Pro Limited Edition

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a remarkable console. It accepts various video games from casino-themed to action and thriller games. PlayStation games have been received warmly. Some of the most exclusive titles are available on PS4. The support offered by PS4 encourages the expansion of their list and has made it a popular and high-demand system.
When considering the best games on PS4, many factors come into play. Such as the quality, theme, cultural meaning of each title, etc. All these features have been considered in this review to ensure that, specifically, the cream of the crop is selected.
Some of the best Playstation 4 games include:

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA has made a name in the gaming industry. It has survived the test of time as it has provided digital leisure sources. Many fans enjoy Grand Theft Auto 5. It was released in 2013 and has been warmly received. When they published the Diamond Casino and Resort patch, they included an entire betting platform. Something like the Golden Tiger Casino providing various gambling and online casino games. The gambling theme became more pronounced. Among PS4 video games, GTA stands to offer something special: a realistic casino experience. The Diamond Casino and Resort has almost all the online casino games. Even though you cannot win real money, at least you can play for entertainment

Players can meet and gamble against each other in this location using chips. It is not that simple because players have a limited number of chips from a banker. This PS4 casino game brings into light responsible gambling. You can try almost any game, from poker games to roulette to slot machines and table games.

To top it off, you can even bet on horse racing and lucky wheels where you stand to win an in-game luxury such as clothing or vehicles. If you are a premium gamer, you can buy a penthouse in the latest version of this PS4 video game. This will grant you access to free VIP tables and so on.

Even if the gambling features do not impress you, you could find other features to be captivating, so be sure to try out this game.

Pure Hold’em

This PS4 videogame simulates the actual Texas Hold’em poker. You have poker on 6 different tables with different difficulties. Multiplayer tournaments are a feature of this PS4 casino game, and 8 gamers can partake in it.

The video game sticks to the usual poker formula, and it somehow trains you for actual betting. You will find that every rule is the same, and you can learn from playing. At a low skill level are the Joker and Jack tournament. You can start here and work your way to the top: the Kings, Queens, Aces, and the Masters’ events.

A good feature is that you can observe the room and study the body language of other gamers. You could spot the difference between a professional and an amateur. Most people do not fancy the multiplayer mode, but the fact remains that it is fun and exhilarating and offers you a more social experience. And this is good for people who love to game with their friends or family. You can easily get this game on the PlayStation store.

Prominence Poker

Prominence brings something that most PS4 games do not have to the casino and video game industry. It only deals with a particular game: poker. Developed by Pipeworks studio in 2016 and published by 505games, PP is an ideal videogame for any person who enjoys gambling blackjack or craps.

If you want to experiment with a new way to gamble, you could always try this videogame. This video game is free-to-play and is available in the store. You can easily learn from it, which will help you build tactics. The video game brings in gamers from all around the globe to compete against each other. But if you are not the social type, you could gamble against the AI, which can help build your reputation and bankroll.

You can buy add-ons such as chips and boosts within the videogame for actual cash; you can use these chips to gamble in underground poker games. The more you partake, the more you climb your way up in this illegal poker world.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This video game is the gold standard for all video games that have a sort of storytelling. Rockstar invested a lot of creative power to make RDR one of the greatest videogames ever. A beautiful but weird Wild West setting is introduced, packed with various features and details.

The video game is also packed with sufficient distractions, so much that you cannot get from one point to the other without being distracted. Before its release, the upcoming PS4 video game was warmly anticipated, and as it was published, it sold very well.

This video game features minigames that are to be enjoyed when there is a need to detach from the storyline. Gambling is also introduced in this video game as in most video games nowadays, and it intensifies the thrill offered by the gameplay.


Many other options, such as the Four Kings Casino and Slots, Final Fantasy, and so on, make PS4 a device to have. The above discussed are some of the finest video games to try out. They offer something unique, be it graphics, gameplay, or overall architecture. These video games satisfy gamers’ needs on almost every level and bring a realistic feeling to it all.

Some of these videogames are casino-themed. Even if you cannot gamble with actual cash, these video games offer you an opportunity to learn, thus preparing you for the actual stuff.