Best UK Colleges for Students Seeking ESports Careers

With the increasing popularity of esports gaming careers across the world, educational institutions are beginning to dive into this domain. For over a decade, certain schools in North America have been offering admission to esport based courses. Now, colleges and universities in the UK are beginning to provide this kind of course. 

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Esports gaming in schools are now widespread. As expected, most people still don’t consider the idea of a digital recreation activity as a sport. Conversely, this digital sport presents perfect opportunities for many students. Let’s explore why this video game is essential among students.

Why Esports is Important among Modern Students

Educators and Researchers acknowledge the fact that extracurricular activities increase students’ overall success. Here are ways in which the introduction of esports in schools benefits students.

●       It provides ways for students to learn creativity and valuable skills.

●       It encourages social interactivity among students.

●       This digital activity expands future college and career opportunities.

Options for Esports Career for UK Students

The esports market is anticipated to reach $1 billion in the next few years. This presents no shock that there’s a vast range of custom careers within this field.

This competitive industry is on the lookout for recruiting talented and disciplined individuals eager to express their passion for the game. Here are some of the best esports careers for UK students.

●       Electronic sports Sales Manager.

●       Electronic sports Agent.

●       Specialized lawyers and Finance Experts.

●       Electronic sports Journalist.

●       Electronic sports Marketer.

British Colleges that Offers Esports

Since the global spike in the Electronic sports industry’s revenue, the business has risen fast in the United Kingdom as well.  There is an increased demand for professionals who are not even full-time gamers themselves.

Below is a list of UK colleges that offer esport degrees. They are involved either by offering courses or scholarships to those who excel in the sport.

Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University became the first university in the UK to start an esports degree in 2018. Since then, an increased number of universities in the country have followed suit.

Staffordshire University esports initially began with a Bachelor’s degree. Later, they introduced a more advanced esports course. This course is part of a Master’s degree, an MA in esports. Let’s explore the two Staffordshire University esports degrees and their low price fee.

Note: The fee shown below estimates as of May 2020 and are subject to modification by the institution. Please go to the official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

1.Staffordshire University(Bachelors)●   BA (Hons) fulltime ●   BA (Hons) full-time with a foundation year ●   BA (Hons) Full Time with a placement year.(i) Three years (ii) Four years with foundation or placement year.(i) International: €14,000 per year. (ii) UK/EU/Channel Islands: €9,250 for the first year and standard rate later.
2.Staffordshire University (Masters)●   MA (Hons)Three years(i) International: €7,850 (ii) UK/EU/Channel Islands: €14,500

Other British Colleges that Offers Electronic sports degrees

●       University of Roehampton

●       University of York

●       University of Leicester

●       Birmingham City University

●       Oxford University

●       Leeds United

●       Barnsley College

●       West Suffolk College


As the esports industry is rising fast, thousands of new jobs are appearing. Now, more colleges are including courses based on this video game as a priority.

Many UK Universities have now presented fantastic chances for students through this sport. Just by application to any of these schools, you now stand a chance to fulfill your dreams and venture into a fully-fledged gaming career.