Best upcoming games in 2016

Weve just reached the year twenty sixteen, and the Sirus team has a couple of games were excited for that’s slated for release this year. Weve got a handful of games picked by the staff from different platforms and are not listed in order.


Quintillion's like alot         No Man’s Sky

PC & PS4  June

This “open-universe” survival game boasts a whopping Quintillion explorable worlds, each with its own flora and fauna. These playable universes are all procedural generated, so every new playthrough will always be a different



  Street Fighter 5              Rising star Necalli beating up the all-time favorite Ryu

PC & PS4 February

An upcoming addition to the Street Fighter franchise, Street Fighter 5 includes your favorite world warriors with a couple of new bloods and interesting new fight mechanics such as the V-skill and the V-trigger


An Open-World 3rd person shooter from Ubisoft     Tom Clancy’s The Division

PC, PS4 & XBO  March

Tom Clancy’s The Division is an Open-World third-person shooter set in a devastated New York. The player is part of an elite set of soldiers that are trained to operate independently out of command in times of great need, called The Division.


Persona 5                                 The Main Character and his titular Persona

PS3 & PS4 TBA 2016

An upcoming JRPG from the popular Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series; You play as a 16 year old transfer student who gains the ability to summon facets of his psyche, a Persona. In this iteration you form a group of thieves who infiltrate a mysterious palace that is created with the hearts of people, and steal the ill intent from others hearts to help them in their quests.


As beautiful as it is perilous     Hyper Light Drifter

Multiple Platforms  TBA 2016

Heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Hyper Light Drifter is a beautiful action RPG rendered in an alluring pixelated art style. You play as The Drifter, slashing enemies with his Energy Sword and gaining new abilities as he further goes along his travels.


Final Fantasy XV              FF15

PS4 & XBO TBA 2016

“A fantasy based on reality”, Final Fantasy XV is set in a world very similar to modern-day earth. In this Action JRPG, you play as Noctis and his friends as they retrieve their country’s stolen crystal and defeat the Niflheim empire.


You can now play as Emily in the sequel to Bethesda's compelling stealth game       Dishonored 2

PC, PS4 & XBO TBA 2016

The awaited sequel to Bethesda’s revenge-driven stealth game Dishonored, You now play as an adult Emily Kaldwin “Former Empress”. Suddenly dethroned Emily becomes an outlaw to society. Determined to claim the throne back, she follows the footsteps of royal protector, Corvo Attano (The protagonist of Dishonored), in becoming an assassin herself.


Cuphead                            A run and Gun Platformer designed like the surreal cartoons of the 30s

PC & XBO TBA 2016

Cuphead is a Run and Gun Platformer designed like the surreal early cartoons of the 1930s. You play as the titular Cuphead (and his pal Mugman in local co-op) as they do the Devil’s bidding due to losing a bet with the demon.


Megaman's spiritual successor Beck in Mighty No. 9        Mighty No. 9

Multiple Platforms  February

Mighty No. 9 is a platformer backed by Kickstarter. Made By Keiji Inafune, The father of Megaman, Mighty No. 9 is the spiritual successor to his brainchild. Play as Beck as he defeats his adversaries in multiple levels and gaining new power ups along the way.


XCOM 2                         an Xcom Resistance member up against a new alien enemy type, The Viper

PC February

XCOM 2 follows up 20 years after the first game left off, where the XCOM initiative was a complete failure. In 2035 the aliens colonizers have taken control of humanity and most of the XCOM members have gone into hiding to escape persecution. You now lead a group of rebels that work together to fight against their alien overlords and try to usurp the alien rule.



Faith punching some guy in the face. Poor guy      Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the follow up to the amazing First Person platformer from EA. In this game you still play as Faith but with improved gameplay mechanics, leaning more into combat as opposed to its previous iteration.