Bringing the Casino and Video Game Industry Closer

The casino industry is reaching a stage of transition as it prepares to welcome a new generation of gamers. To do so, it must first figure out how to appeal to a younger audience. The key lies in the similarities between the casino and the video game industry. Here’s how the gap between the two worlds can be bridged to discover a new world of interactive entertainment.

What separates traditional casino games from video games

Casino and video gaming are both interactive entertainment but the differences between them are so stark that it’s easy to tell them apart. Both industries have their own respective communities of enthusiasts that don’t interact with each other. The first step to finding the ways to merge the two industries is to identify what made each of them appealing to their respective fans.

Casino games

Casino games involve luck and skill. Gamblers gain their enjoyment from the thrill of placing stakes at one of the possible outcomes and winning back double or more their bets if they are correct. Slot games’ appeal comes from investing on spins until the game yields a large payout.

At its core, casino games can also be considered games of financial management so they appeal heavily to baby boomers, a generation full of business-minded people. They are about investing in opportunities, deciding when to pull-out or push forward, and managing your budget. That’s why casino websites like also offer news and blogs related to economics. 

Video games

Video games are interactive entertainment based on skills. Gamers’ main source of entertainment comes from different concepts. Some enjoy solving problems presented by the game or defeating another player in a match. Others enjoy doing those with a team rather than alone. There are also games that are just mediums for players to explore a fictional world.

Video games are also more effective than movies for emotional attachment so some stories are best told through an interactive medium. While gamblers relish the rewards that come from taking risks, gamers play for the experience. Such experiences may include being the hero in a long-running adventure or a short team-based match.

What the casino and video game industries have in common

What makes casino games appealing is completely different from what made video games popular but these elements are not opposites. Video games are also known to incentivize gameplay with rewards rather than the experience alone. Examples of these come in the form of cosmetic items, playable characters, and tradable assets.

Both industries also utilize the random number generator (RNG) software. Casinos use it to determine outcomes and the size of the prize while video games use it to constantly change the conditions of the match. Both of them use RNG in a way to keep every game fresh and unpredictable.

Video games can have all of the elements they have similar to casino games plus unique experiences for being a storytelling and competitive medium. Casinos can offer such experiences to gamblers. They began competitive gambling through website-hosted tournaments with a public leaderboard. Online poker games are also popular.

Both video games and casino games also explore themes such as adventure, magic, aesthetics, or concepts. The difference is that themes are only visual additions to slot games most of the time while video games determine the gameplay experience around them.

Casinos don’t have to develop story-centric games or complex mechanics to appeal to fans of video games. They can still innovate their strengths and that is about staking for the chance to win big rewards. However, it helps if game providers can explore more unique gameplay elements to offer unique experiences., for example, has unique games like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt and Crash that perfectly fit their theme.