Can Artificial Intelligence Be Used in Casinos?

Casinos are not left out of the modern trends due to the new games and methods introduced into the gambling industry daily. For example, the Google Pay casinos top list is growing and developing rapidly. Considering the continuous advancement in technology, casinos’ operations have also taken a major leap with the use of artificial intelligence. 

This new technology is known to have pervaded and influenced numerous areas of human life. Many companies and sectors now are trying to find out more about AI and ways it can be helpful in their day-to-day operations. Thus, we are to discover how AI can be used in casinos today.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Used in Casinos

In January 2017, a computer program called Libratus won in a hold’em poker game against top players of the world. Yet, this is just one out of the many things AI can do in the industry. As of today, we can list a few important objectives AI can help us achieve in casinos below.

  1. Curbing Gambling Addiction

Many countries’ provisions to curb gambling addiction have little to no effect. Standard warnings and advice to “gamble reasonably” are dead letters to most people who play casino games excessively. But with the use of AI, one can overcome gambling addiction in a more effective and easier way. 

The AI analyzes player-related data. Thus, it allows preventing gambling addiction by recognizing corresponding symptoms. AI can identify players with corresponding patterns and notify the casinos. In turn, the casinos will block such players’ accounts and offer necessary help to the individual before the harmful habit becomes a major problem.

  1. Smarter Collection and Use of Data

Proper collection and analysis of players’ data enable casinos to provide a customizable experience to them. So, the AI can now be used to help casinos organize a smart data collection process. It further analyzes the data to give accurate predictions of customer behavior. 

As part of predictive analysis, AI can identify the specific preferences of players and the time spent on certain games. Then, these games become the first appealing offer to those individuals who are most interested in them.

  1. Curtailing Fraud 

One can also apply AI to track down online players who are cheating. This is particularly helpful to online casino sites. They cannot mount CCTVs or physical security at the different avenues players access their preferred and favorite games. But, with AI, online casinos now have an effective way to fish out fraudulent players and protect their sites and other legit players.

Land-based casinos enjoy the services of AI in this regard as well. AI can also be used for facial recognition software. It allows identifying fraudsters or those banned from visiting land-based casinos.

  1. Providing Better Customer Services

Last but not least, AI can be used to bring about better communication in casinos’ customer services. Many players look for casinos with responsive and professional customer support before registering. People often need assistance to grasp the rules or understand how bonuses work. That’s why casinos can make themselves the first choice for players just by using AI. 

With AI, patterns of conversations of human beings can be simulated to facilitate customer support in real time. It is of huge importance in natural language processing (NLP). The NLP can be used for analyzing players’ sentiments, not just for better experiences but also for personalizing user support.


Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that AI has come in handy in the general gambling industry. With the technology’s fast improvement, we expect to have even more ways of AI’s application in the future.