Can playing video games be considered a form of art?

Can playing video games be considered a form of art? This is controversial nowadays because video games are actually gaining popularity among people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Not only do we see teenagers or children gaming, but also adults and professionals.

For a video game to be considered interesting, it has to capture the attention of its players and keep them interested in playing. A game that becomes popular is usually one that is played by a huge number of players who would spend a lot of time enjoying it. But, the idea here is that there must be a benefit to the human mind when it comes to playing a video game.

The video gaming industry is getting bigger every day. The art of creating video games is as fascinating as the art of playing games.

There are multiple ways in which video games can boost your creative thinking. Keep reading to discover these marvelous benefits.

Cognitive benefits of games in education

Video games are very constructive when it comes to the educational context. For example, educational games such as the construction of correct words with different letters in a certain language can boost the activity of the brain. Students who play educational games about language, science, or other subjects are considered to be smart and bright.

Educational video games for kids teach them a wealth of information. For example, playing the game of Google Earth to track down Carmen Sandiego, kids will learn the capitals of countries and many geographical facts.

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The Oregon Train is another game that fosters education in kids at the levels of critical thinking and problem-solving. It hones their educational skills through its historical context. Planning and making choices are other skills the game teaches. Its educational function is amazingly beneficial for kids.

Video games supercharge your energy.

We expend energy when we engage in video game playing. The flow of the game can expand and last for hours, which requires a lot of mental energy. There is a misconception that playing video games drains your energy. The fact that video game playing is actually a booster to players’ energy levels has been proven by science.

Playing a video game in your break time is energizing to the brain. It makes you think, try to solve a problem, keep track of time, and try to win. These activities are all exciting to our brains and give us great vibes. That’s why in many workplaces, it is possible to play video games during break and lunchtimes.

There is a lot of creativity in video games that empower the human at the mental, emotional, and physical levels. In fact, science has proven the existence of a correlation between video games and dopamine.

Games create better leaders and goal achievers.

As playing video games requires certain personal skills such as leadership and the achievement of goals, it proves to be enriching. In many games, players have to lead a mission and be responsible for actions in order to achieve the goals of an adventure.

Taking the leadership role in the context of the game can make the player a better leader in real life. Through the creative thinking games, you can exercise your leadership skills by working on various missions and ultimately succeeding.

Video games are amazing for priming your brain.

Among the different ways to prime your brain, we find video gaming. You can take a break from all of your life demands and enjoy a video game session to prime your brain at any time during the day. You will notice how grounded and connected you will feel afterward.

Gaming adjusts your brain waves and keeps you in a focused state, which helps with the activities and tasks after playing. You get a sense of readiness for your next responsibilities. Only through focus and mental engagement do video games help your brain. Creative video games do have a positive effect on the brain.


Three must-playing games to improve your creative thinking


Minecraft is one of the most played games. Its main feature is boosting creativity. If you are interested in creating video games, this one is for you. It increases creative thinking because you will have to think a lot before moving to the next level.

This game is famous thanks to the game-based learning of its education edition. A lot of educational purposes can be achieved using Minecraft. It offers great creative video game ideas.


Tetris is a tile-matching video game that you should definitely try. It is highly recommended as a game for what it offers in terms of strategic thinking, which makes it a strategy video game. It is a falling block puzzle game that you will enjoy. It also has beautiful block names.

If you choose to play Tetris, you should be prepared for its addictive pleasure. This visually pleasing game stimulates mental imagery in a way that makes it fun and interesting to play.


SimCity might be a suitable game for you if you like building. It is based on creativity as it is all about city-building simulation. It allows you to create a vibrant metropolis. The city is yours, and you are the mayor. You can make your city bigger and take the desired actions.

Video games increase creativity, and SimCity makes one of the best options to stimulate your creative skills in an entertaining context. When you think about which type of city you would like to build, you are already delving deeper into your imagination. You become more creative thanks to the expansion of your city in this game.

SimCity offers a wide array of options and features to its players. It is an attractive video game series. You can play it in online and offline modes.

In short, video games do boost creative thinking, and this is what has been asserted by many studies. For example, a study of nearly 500 kids found out that children who played video games are also good at writing and drawing pictures. The correlation has been shown in a study of 12-year old children.

Video game designing, as well as playing, are linked to mental strength and personal power. You become present, focused, and energetic when you train yourself to play games that you find interesting. Priming your brain becomes easy and fun through games.