Disruptive Interactive Shakes Up 3D Animation Industry with “The Animator’s Modeler” for iPad Touch Screen Devices

Disruptive Interactive today released “The Animator’s Modeler” (TAM), a 3D character creator for iPad touch screen devices that is guaranteed to turn the competition upside down with its unequaled ease of use. Disruptive steps into app development for the first time with this production tool. TAM allows users to use touch screens to create and generate cinema-quality original 3D characters from the convenience of their iPad, enabling users to then animate their original creations using their favorite animation software. The app is $29.99USD and can be downloaded in the App Store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-animators-modeler/id917452245?ls=1&mt=8

“We have worked for years designing avatars for studios and games on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. As our name suggests, The Animator’s Modeler disrupts the traditional flow of 3D animation with an easy-to-use touch screen interface. It’s like modeling clay with your hands. It has never been easier or more intuitive to create amazing characters while maintaining the production-ready rig,” said Otis Perrick, President and Founder of Disruptive Interactive.

TAM’s appeal comes from its touch-based character creator, which allows artists to create, stretch and squeeze characters by hand. The app includes preview animations so artists can review and adjust characters on the go with the rig dynamically adjusting rather than having to be rebuilt with every adjustment.. Additionally, users will be able to select from a variety of clothing, hairstyles and accessories to enhance the character they create exactly as they imagined it to be. When a user is satisfied with their character, they then export the file to their email where they retrieve the file and use it in any animation project that supports .OBJ, .FBX, or .MA file types.

The touch interface gives users the control to adeptly change facial features and body characteristics quicker than ever before. TAM creates polished character models, with volume and forms protected by the system while still allowing the user to adjust the silhouette. TAM allows the user to adjust a series of deformers to modify and hone the characters to their liking, without losing the character’s style they have created.