Don’t Dance… Baila Latino

O2 GAMES releases the official trailer for Wii U

A trailer with lively and overwhelming features shows the potential of the game to be released next April 15th in Europe and America.

In a cheerful and colorful frame, the dancers Carlo Romano and Vera Sokolova, from the prestigious “Caroline Smith Dance Academy”, invite us to go wild on the tune of the twenty most popular Latino hits of the recent times.

The well-structured choreographies are suitable for everybody and make you feel like a real professional dancer.

The game can involve up to four players in exciting challenges, so the house will turn into a fun “Baila Latino” party.

The game modes are:

  • Single Player
  • Multiplayer
    • Single dance: choose your favorite song and have a challenge with your friends;
    • Throw Out: the player with the worst score is eliminated at the end of each challenge;
    • Battle: the winner is the player with the best score after three dances;
    • Endurance: the winner is the player with the best score after five dances.

To complete the rich list of game options there is a “prizes hub” that collects all the results of each profile after every challenge.

When you achieve the highest score in all the songs you become a “Baila Latino Dancer”.

Thanks to Baila Latino for Wii U, every night becomes a party!

Don’t dance… Baila Latino!