Five Reasons Why You Should Purchase Football Manager

Football manager is a cult classic amongst football fans around the world. There are an abundance of fans who purchase the game each year and put themselves in the shoes of some of the most famous names in the world in a bid to win the World Cup, Bundesliga, or even just to stay in the Azerbaijan Premier League. There is so much to do, much like the extensive list of mobile betting apps available, that it is hard to narrow it down to just five reasons but let’s see.

  • It is addictive

Football Manager is a drug and it can be hard to say no to it. People can get wrapped up in the game and just want to play it constantly. There have even been instances where husbands have played the game whilst their wife is giving birth!

The game is more than a game to many people, they need to jump on to their laptop or PC to scout the nations looking for the next best talent to improve their side for years to come.

  • Realism

Sports Interactive (SI) improves the game year in and year out to add more features that give you more control. From simple things like designing tactics for corners to discussing happiness with players on a regular basis. As a manager of the game, you can even add in how you want your speech to journalists and players to come across.

As you play the game, the game simulates as well so many news stories will crop up adding more realistic features for you to enjoy.

Some people even bring realism into their own lives for example many have put suits on for finals or even left the room if they have a touchline ban.

  • In depth details

The game does not cut corners and that is thanks to the amazing staff at SI who put endless hours into producing the game and having people scout players from all over the world. Each player has a profile and in the profile are all the attributes, personality traits, and information about the player. It makes you understand how a virtual player ticks so you know how to manage them.

  • The Cult

Many people refer to playing Football Manager as being in a cult. People understand references that others just would not get. With Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit page all dedicated to Football manager memes and out-of-context stories, it adds a sense of community to your playing.

References such as a 20-year-old player have bruised their thigh and they are out injured for 2-3 days but they are contemplating retirement or wondering whether to play your central attacking midfielder as an enganche or trequartista. These are just things regular people do not get but Football Manager players do.

  • The glory

There is nothing better than winning a cup or a league on Football Manager. No other thrill comes close to any other sports game. There has been stressful evenings and hours poured into creating success so when it finally pays off it is one of the best feelings ever and you immediately tell the whole world…only to get a disappointing “Grow up” text back from your mum!