Games That Have a Historical Storyline

battlefield 1

The gaming industry today is replete with hundreds of great AAA titles. Gamers have access to arcades, simulations, strategies, action games, and many other genres. Every year there are new wonderful projects that surprise in graphic, technical, and plot terms. But did you know that many games have a historical storyline? Some of the game titles have only a good setting and partially repeat the real events of the past. At the same time, some projects are a rethinking of military events, political debates, and trade coalitions. Here are games that have a historical storyline.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

The First World War is an event that became a real nightmare for hundreds of millions of people. Moreover, about 25 million people took part in the hostilities. Valiant Hearts is a game that uses the setting of World War I as the basis for storytelling. Players will plunge into a dark and depressing world torn apart by war. The game contains many historical facts, authentic posters, and themed music that matches the spirit of that era.

Panzer General

This game focuses on World War II and allows players to control armored divisions. As the supreme commander in chief, you can personally control the tank columns and recreate real combat clashes in France, Germany, and the USSR. But players do not have to follow the historical implications exactly. Instead, you can choose any side and generate your version of the military events. However, many tanks have been recreated based on real prototypes. In addition, the combat characteristics correspond to real military models.

Battlefield 1

Few are willing to dispute that Battlefield 1 is one of the most colorful and dynamic games based on the real war conflict. Even though the shooter is not 100% authentic, many story missions allow players to feel like direct participants in historical events. In addition, all weapons, clothing, armored vehicles, and locations are very similar to the real prototypes.

In addition, the game contains many interesting historical documents and authentic music. Many students will probably be interested in taking a look at multiplayer mechanics. First, you need to delegate your papers to someone. It is enough to find a reliable company and write something like write papers for me. After that, you can go back to the shooter and start fighting.

Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors 3

Fans of Chinese history will love this game. The plot revolves around a military conflict between the three kingdoms of Wu, Shu, and Wei. Military battles and political intrigues are perfectly combined with the historical context. It is worth noting that game developers did not strive for historical accuracy. At the same time, they conveyed the setting and “spirit” of ancient China. If you love historical games, then you should play Dynasty Warriors 3.

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

This is a first-person shooter that differs from the previous games mentioned in full historical accuracy. The game creators spent about a year studying archive files, photographs, maps, and reports. In addition, all game maps are created based on real battle locations. This is especially interesting since the developers sought to convey all the stages of the battles and important historical victories of the allies.

Rome: Total War

This game was based on the First Punic War between Rome and Carthage. Players will have to show strategic planning skills, use diplomacy and cunning to win and achieve the desired result. The main feature of the game is the non-linearity plot. In addition, you can enter into alliances and develop your victory plan. The developers tried to concentrate on creating conditionally reliable scenarios for waging war at that time.

Tropico 3

Tropico is a very popular game series that focuses on the dictators who rule the island republic. The game world is very similar to Cuba. Players will become a dictator who needs to develop a small country. The land is in agony, foreign economic relations have been disrupted, and many countries have severed diplomatic relations with you. What are you going to do?

You can find a strong patron like the United States, the Soviet Union, or other states. Also, you can try to create a strong and independent state. However, no one bothers you to arrange repressions and eliminate all political activists you dislike. This game is interesting in that it shows a real scenario of a typical “banana republic,” the economy of which is based only on drugs, weapons, and slavery.

Final Words

This is not a complete list of games that partially or completely copy the setting and real historical events. However, you will surely enjoy an alternative take on modern history. Take part in military battles, study old archival documents, and defeat opponents, conquering new territories. Thanks to these games, you can learn more about the history that some countries are still trying to change.