Gaming and Gambling: Will Mobile Casino Games Outpace Desktop Casino Games?

Now that everyone carries a smartphone in their pockets, it is time to ask the question: will mobile casino games outpace desktop casino games? After all, online casinos have nearly replaced land-based casinos. Perhaps the same development will happen to the use of mobile casino games.

The smartphone provides an endless source of entertainment. This changes the landscape of all entertainment, including casino games. Gambling can now be enjoyed at any time from anywhere. But how will the popularity of mobile casino games affect the gambling industry? Will desktop casino gaming become a distant echo of the past, or will it prevail? This article looks at the gaming industry to find the answers.

The popularity of mobile gaming

Although gaming and gambling aren’t the same, they still share a lot of similarities, including the rise of mobile gaming. It is therefore worth looking at the rise of popularity of mobile games. In fact, according to, the global gaming market is worth 152 billion dollars of which 68,5 billion dollars is due to mobile gaming. That’s 45 % of the market. The numbers speak for themselves. Mobile gaming has become extremely popular. This translates to the popularity of mobile casino games as well.

Will mobile casino games gain more popularity?

There can be no doubt about it: mobile casino games are getting increasingly popular, and mobile casino games will likely continue to gain popularity in the future, especially among young people. However, it is too early to rule out desktop casino games completely. At, for example, you can see the numerous online casinos on the market for yourself, proof that desktop casinos are doing just fine.

The popularity of mobile games doesn’t take away from the increasing popularity of online casinos. On the contrary, it adds to it. The gambling industry is simply growing, becoming more and more normal as a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed from home in front of the computer or on the go behind the screen of a smartphone.

Accessibility increases popularity

The accessibility of the smartphone makes it easier for consumers to play more often than they would on a computer. Similarly, the smartphone makes it easier to gain access to casino games. Mobile games are simply always available, always ready at your hand. Furthermore, popularity generates more popularity.

The bigger the mobile gaming industry grows, the more games are being produced, attracting more players. 33 % of all Apps downloaded account for mobile games, and it is estimated that one-third of the globe is playing mobile games. As a result, more and more mobile games are being developed. At Sirus Gaming you can read reviews and articles on a few of the many popular mobile games on the market. Likewise, the casino industry is producing more and more mobile casino games, making it difficult to ignore this development within the industry.