GamStop Launches “Single Customer View” Trial

The UK gambling’s national self-exclusion scheme GamStop has been appointed by the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) to operate the trial phase of the ‘Single Customer View’ (SCV) project. This solution was developed by the UK Gambling Commission in February 2020 to challenge the online gambling industry for risk and harm reduction. 

The BGC single industry standards body was assigned to explore and sponsor this project, so it has appointed GamStop to run a trial launch. The initiative has the objective to identify those at risk of gambling harm and establish provisions to ensure their protection by the regulated operators.

GamStop – A Popular UK Self-Exclusion

GamStop, as its name indicates, is a self-exclusion scheme launched in 2018 to prevent gambling harm and minimise the problems associated with gambling in the UK. The free helpful service has seen a considerable increase in the users because, since its creation, more than 218,000 registrants have been recorded. Among these users, 59% were between 18 and 34, with 70% of men and 30% of females. 

GamStop has become compulsory to all non GamStop casinos listed on this site since 31 March 2020 under the UKGC regulation leading to its fantastic growth. The tool enables the customers to exclude themselves from their chosen regulated gambling websites for six months, one year, and five years depending on their choice. The BGC stressed that the trial project will be controlled by a strict code of conduct and will show the guidelines of the operators’ engagement with these customers on how the information collected can be utilised further.

Measuring Data Sharing Harms

The Single Customer View system was submitted by the Gambling Commission to minimise gambling harm, mainly for individuals who have more than one online gambling account. Under this initiative, the players’ data across different operators may be shared. Those who present themselves as compulsive gamblers or who are generally considered at high risk of harm will be banned from changing operators without undertaking a suitable intervention. 

This new data-sharing scheme ensures that these players will be protected across all regulated operators. In this trial, the BGC members are investing more than a million pounds which will be in complete control of the self-exclusion organisation, GamStop. The project should have been launched early, but it has been delayed due to concerns from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regarding data sharing. 

Nonetheless, in October 2021, ICO published its outcome report from Phase 1 in the Regulatory Sandbox approving the Single Customer View. The BGC announced that this programme could lead to significant outcomes with the data protection procedures. It can guarantee additional protections to the customers who want to move to other gambling operators, but it is also a kind of prevention from betting entirely with other operators.

Wes Himes, the BGC’s Executive Director for Standards and Innovation, said, “I am delighted with the commitment from BGC members and the significant financial investment they are undertaking to deliver this scheme quickly.

“Whilst many companies put forward proposals for this system, it was clear that GAMSTOP stood out from the rest. They are uniquely placed as they currently operate the online gambling self-exclusion scheme, which has helped more than two hundred and fifty thousand people over the last five years.

“We are committed to ensuring the trial scheme which focuses on those most at risk is proportionate and effective. We are getting on with the work of change and, once again, demonstrating that technology is our friend despite the challenges and complexities of safer gambling.”

A Trial is Expected to Be Held by the end of May

In October 2020, the former Gambling Commission chief executive Neil McArthur expressed that the financial sector could contribute to promoting safer gambling by supporting the Single Customer View project. This initiative was approved by the Minister responsible for gambling Chris Philp. Therefore, this British gambling regulator calls for more action from the financial sectors to help tackle gambling harm which is a threat in the UK gambling industry. 

The SCV scheme implementation saw progress the following month after the commission had discussed with the operators and technology suppliers. The British Betting and Gaming Council called operators involved with sports sponsorship to contribute to the safer gambling importance at the beginning of the year. The trial is expected to be run by the end of May 2022.