Genshin Impact Game – An Adventurous Author Quest Guide

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular action games at the moment and arguably among the best free-to-play ones. It is available for PC, mobile gaming, and PS4. Genshin Impact has a somewhat old-school anime style, tons of well-developed characters who are skilled in various combat styles, and most importantly, an amazing open world for players to explore.

Genshin Impact’s Best Quests

To go through Genshin Impact’s story, players have to complete character and world quests. There is an abundance of both in the game, but these are the most interesting ones.

Character Quests

Tartaglia (Childe). Childe is a very controversial character and a bit of a villain, actually. But once you get to his character quest, the nuances of Childe’s backstory will come to light that will change your attitude.

Zhongli. Zhongli’s quest is cool not only because of Zhongli himself (but his unique personality does help). Everything about this quest is just perfect both storytelling and gameplay-wise.

Eula. Eula’s quest is quite typical for an anime hero, but it is interesting nonetheless. Besides, the combat is just out of this world.

There’s a catch, though. To get to any of these character quests, you need to get Adventure Rank 40, which takes hours and hours of playing.

World Quests

As the best thing about Genshin Impact is the world a player gets to explore, it is impossible to call just a few World Quests the most exciting ones. Basically, everything you see around yourself is potentially another quest. But some of the coolest locations that most Genshin Impact players miss include Secret Cave on the outskirts of Qingce Village (available only to those who have completed the Chi of Guyun quest), the top of the Cathedral, and Heart Island (makes sense only in the co-op mode). There are also a few more Genshin Impact guides we have in store for you.

What Makes Genshin Impact So Good

Exploring potential. Once again, just wandering through the world of Genshin Impact and uncovering all its secrets is the best thing the game has to offer. Be attentive, though – tons of side quests and chests are very easy to miss.

Characters. There are so many characters in Genshin Impact that it’s basically impossible to try all of them (unless you are a true fan). They vary in their appearances, storylines, personalities, and, obviously, combat styles. If you struggle with choice overload, reviews can help with this, just like reviews on popular casino sites can.

Co-Op. Once a player reaches Adventure Rank 16 (which takes quite a bit of work), co-op opens. In turn, this makes the game more interactive and unpredictable. Additional side quest options are available in the co-op mode.

What can be frustrating

There’s quite a lot of problems. By no means is Genshin Impact perfect. In fact, there are countless negative reviews online because of the game’s problems (for example, the notorious Storytelling Method in patch 2.1). Most of them are developers’ errors and, luckily, are being fixed. But don’t expect the game to run smoothly always.

It can get slow. First, Genshin Impact is a lot of work. This means that if a player wants to get to the good stuff (like the best character quests), they need to spend weeks after weeks playing it and growing their Adventure Rank. Also, the game can be frustrating because of how long it takes to load sometimes, especially when you’re going from one location to another.

Well, Genshin Impact is a gacha game. This one is not really unexpected, seeing as Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game. But the gacha mechanic can piss off even the most patient player in the world. You are expected to both keep up with Genshin Impact’s dozen of currencies and follow what’s going on even when you aren’t playing (so that you don’t miss out on great game features).