Hockey Strategies that Will Help You to Win

Are you going to start betting on ice hockey? Don’t rely on luck only! Here are a few of the most popular hockey betting strategies that will help you to win. Check what strategies can be helpful when betting on ice hockey

5 Best Hockey Strategies 

Learn what strategies you can use to make successful bets:

  • On performance. NHL is a fairly scored league, unlike others. For example, in the KHL even in matches of the most scored teams Total More than 5.5 is only in 32-48% of matches. In the NHL, this total is held in 57-64% of meetings. In the NHL, overtime and shoot-outs are a common occurrence, unlike the KHL and other championships. This suggests that in the NHL decisive goals are often in overtime. Do not forget about the away series. The number of guest matches can be 5-6 in a row, which exhausts hockey players and affects the results.
  • On an outsider. American sport is characterized by a desire to make the season uniform and as interesting as possible for the fans. For the sake of this goal, they try to equalize the possibilities of the teams, take, for example, the draft system. Therefore, there are not many defeats and everyone is able to beat everyone. The home arena factor does not play such a significant role as in football. In the NHL, as in the NBA, sensations and defeats of leaders from seemingly notorious outsiders often occur.
  • No big expresses. From the paragraph above, it can already be understood that since sensations are not uncommon, taking express from several events is definitely not recommended. In such cases, a system of 2 out of 3 is effective. Its essence is that you are confident in three bets, but understand that one of them may lose. If all three events pass, then the winnings in the system will turn out to be much greater than with bets placed by ordinaries for 3 events.

The system is a combination of three expresses for 2 events. For example, if you are confident in the victories of Detroit, Washington and Montreal, then a 2 out of 3 strategy for these events is 3 expresses:

  1. 1 express: victories of Detroit and Washington
  2. 2 express: victories of Detroit and Montreal
  3. 3 express: victories of Washington and Montreal

Bob McCune system

The ex-head of the company, specializing in sports forecasts, is convinced that only through the correct reading of the betting line can you show 55-62% passability over a long distance. According to McCune, the bettor should spend less time analyzing the upcoming match, and focus on the movement of the line. The last line shift is considered the most significant. Bob identifies several behaviors for the betting line:

Handicap is constantly moving in one direction. Accordingly, in the case of an increase in handicap, it is necessary to put on the favorite, in the case of a decrease in handicap – on the underdog. The line does not move. In this case, you should bet on the favorite.

1-4 hours before the start of the game, the movement of the line changes sharply to the opposite. You need to bet based on the last movement. The line does not move, and shortly before the match its shift occurs. Again, the last movement of the coefficients will be correct. The minimum allowable coefficient is 1.82. With a passability of 55% (which McCune writes about), odds below 1.82 will give a minus at a distance.

Jiufen system

The Canadian who invented this system was guided by the formula X = (A + B) 🙁 K-1). What does she mean? 

  • X is the size of the bet at this stage;
  • A – the size of 1 percent of your bankroll;
  • B – the amount of failed bets at past stages;
  • K is the rate coefficient.

His method is implemented in three stages. The size of the winnings in the first stage is 1 percent of the total bank. If the bet at the first stage does not pass, then the profit of the second stage is calculated so that the next time the first loss is compensated and an income of 1 percent of the initial bankroll is received. In the third stage, we act the same as in the previous one. The amount is calculated so as to compensate for the loss of the first two and earn income in the amount of 1 percent of the initial bankroll.

This is only part of the strategies that we recommend to be guided by. It’s time to try them out!