How Bitcoin Paved the Way for a New Generation of Internet Gamblers

In Australia, gambling is a way of life. In fact, research shows that currently, more than 80% of Aussies are, in one way or another, engaging in gambling activities. Gambling is a fab pastime activity for many Australian residents. 

This is probably because, in Australia, the laws around the gambling industry gambling are pretty lax and liberal. As of 2022, there were still quite a significant number of licensed brick-and-mortar casinos all over the country. You are likely to find some kind of a gambling machine in places like clubs, pubs, and even restaurants.

Although Australia is tolerant when it comes to gambling, the law is not as lax when it comes to online gambling. For instance, various forms of online gambling products are illegal in Australia. The banned online gambling products include: 

  • Online casinos
  • Scratchies
  • Casino-style games 
  • Slots (pokies)
  • In-play sports betting
  • Sports betting services with no Australian license
  • Betting on the outcome of a lottery.

In Australia, it is illegal to advertise services that have been banned. Moreover, they are not allowed to promote or grant credit for online gambling at all. It is against the law. 

Gambling Laws in Australia

In Australia, the states have always been responsible for controlling the gambling industry. This means that it is the state and territory local governments’ responsibility to regulate the gambling industry. 

However, due to the increase in gaming and communication technology in the industry, the Commonwealth had to step in because the control of the new technology is under the Commonwealth’s constitutional mandate. 

Interactive Gambling Act

Currently, the gambling industry is regulated under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. This law mainly targets online gambling activities and service providers. For starters, the law forbids service providers from offering real-money web-based online casino activities to Australian residents. 

In addition, it states that it is illegal for gamblers to access and use gaming services by online gambling establishments. This aims to protect the citizens from the dangers associated with online casinos. 

However, no clause in the bill forbids the Aussies from accessing and using online gambling services. The only downside to this is that these gambling dens are left unregulated. 

How Bitcoin Has Affected Online Gambling

Although these laws are strict for online cash casinos, they barely hold for when it comes to crypto gambling

Crypto casinos are sprouting out and booming everywhere around the world. In these casinos, anything goes. Some even go ahead to overstep these laws and advertise their services almost with impunity. 

At least a dozen websites locally offer quick solutions for their customers to begin betting using cryptocurrencies quickly. This is in addition to the ever-increasing number of online casinos elsewhere in the world that Aussies have access to. 

Typically, online casinos that operate outside Australia and lawfully serve Australians must be registered in the country where they operate and licence by a reputable licencing body. In addition, they frequently make an effort to check the physical location of their consumers. They accept payment through cryptocurrency and other different types of payment methods. 

The only downside that comes with online crypto casinos is the lack of appropriate mechanisms to help control gambling addiction. No online crypto casino offers addiction-mitigation features like the ones found in normal casinos. 

Some players who have tried their hand in an online crypto casino claim that while it is easy to keep yourself in check while playing in a normal casino, it is a lot harder to do that when playing in a crypto online casino. 


When it comes to online gambling, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are revolutionary. However, this side of the gambling industry is barely regulated, and therefore, gamblers should be very careful when engaging in any crypto gambling activities. 

It is especially crucial to keep track of your spending to ensure that you do not put in more than you are willing to lose. Also, it is advisable always to do your homework and ensure to do thorough background checks to ensure the legitimacy of the casinos and the services they offer.  Check their terms and conditions as well as the reviews left behind by other players.