How Much Do Trainers Weigh?

Despite how not so important shoes may seem, we can’t go a day without them. They are already a part of our daily activities. The right pair of shoes can easily take your mood from 00 to 100 in a matter of seconds. Each pair is designed to meet a specific need, and this influences the weight of the shoe – check out this Nike Air Max 1.

How much does a conventional trainer weigh? Why is this important to us? And what determines the actual weight of your shoes? When calculating how much your trainers weigh, you should consider a couple of factors. The following are what determines how heavy or light your workout shoes are:

·       Its material components

·       The size

·       The purpose it’s meant to serve

·       Additional weight

A shoe’s weight depends on the factors mentioned above, and you can easily observe from your closet that all your footwear does not have the same weight.

Some are very light, for example, a pair of flip-flops. Others are in the middle: a pair of sneakers or workout shoes, while products like a safety boot tend to pack some extra pounds.

Below is a quick rundown of common shoe weights:

Women’s footwear typically weighs between 2 and 2.5 pounds, or 907 and 1135 grams.

Men’s shoes can weigh anywhere from 1135 to 1361 grams or 2.5 – 3 pounds.

As we’ve established, every single piece of footwear is created to serve a purpose, and how much it weighs is very important in determining if it’ll suit the need for which it was created or not.

It may not look like a big deal, but knowing the weight of your trainers is super important.

Fit for your Feet!

Research revealed that a runner would require more air if merely 100grams were added to their running shoes. This little addition may not seem like such a big deal, but athletes who compete at a high level would easily notice its significance.

Lighter trainers automatically mean more speed because your feet would have way less load to carry. Trainers have proven to be tremendously effective, and as a result, they are used for high-performance activities.

Trainers are lighter than our usual footwear – and are your best bet for performing certain heavy-duty tasks such as running. The less weight your feet have to deal with, the better.

Anyone who would like to make the best out of their workout performance has to pick the right pair of trainers and consider their weight.

Not only does your shoe’s weight determine how comfortable your feet are, but it can also affect your output. Lighter trainers offer a more satisfying experience and should be your first pick if you intend on going for regular runs.


What is the average weight of trainers? There’s not so much of a major difference between women and men’s trainers. It depends on the product’s purpose and other minor components, which make up the footwear. But in general, trainers do not weigh above 0.8 kg.

Hopefully, this article would prove helpful when next you’re shopping for a new pair. Also, don’t forget to go for what suits your needs best: both performance-wise and also in terms of its weight.