How to Play the Triple Triad in Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy is a game that requires no introduction. This RPG has existed for many years and has seen a number of iterations and updates. Those who are aware of Final Fantasy know of everything that goes on in this expansive universe. However, one thing that not all players are aware of is the Triple Triad inside the game.

What is the Triple Triad?

This is a minigame within the RPG that utilizes cards. It started off with Final Fantasy 8 and became a fan favorite very quickly. One interesting thing about the Triple Triad in Final Fantasy is that it resembles casino games in some ways. Casino fans will likely love this game because of that. If, however, you’re more interested in actual casino games, you might want to check out a review of the best $1 minimum deposit casino Canada to get started. But there’s no rule that says you can’t do both, so let’s get on with our Triple Triad guide to help you start playing with cards in a new way.

Unlocking Final Fantasy’s Triple Triad

To gain access to the Triple Triad mini-game, players need to unlock the Gold Saucer. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Complete either one of the following scenario quests: The Ul’dahn Envoy, The Gridanian Envoy, or The Lominsan Envoy.
  • After completing one, talk to the Well-heeled Youth located at the Steps of Nald in Ul’dah.
  • Begin the quest named “It Could Happen to You”.
  • As part of this quest, you will be given access to the Gold Saucer. Complete the quest.
  • Once you are done, get to the Gold Saucer and find your way to the Card Square.
  • Here, talk to the Triple Triad Master and start your Triple Triad Trial quest.

Once you do all of this, you will be greeted with an introduction to the game that will teach you how to battle with another player using your cards. An initial deck of cards will be given to you to get you started. This doesn’t have very rare cards in it but it’s enough to get you into the game.

Playing the Triple Triad

For fans of the best online casino card games, this mini-game will be a lot of fun. Once you have access to it via the Gold Saucer, you’re in!

Each player of the Triple Triad needs to have a deck of 5 cards. The cards in each deck have to follow certain rules based on how rare they are. The rules are as follows:

  • For 5 star cards: You can have only one in a deck.
  • For 4 star cards: You can have up to two in a deck.
  • For 3 star cards: You can have as many as you want in a deck.

Once you have your deck of cards, you can play the game against other players or NPCs that exist in the title. For battling NPCs, you have to pay an MGP fee first. If you wish to go against other players, you do not have to pay a fee but you also cannot win cards from them. You can also take part in an open tournament every now and then.

With all of that out of the way, here’s how you battle using cards in Fantasy VIII and above:

  • You play Triple Triad cards on a board with a grid of 9 squares.
  • Who goes first is decided by flipping random cards at the start and seeing who is represented more on the grid – either the red or the blue competitor.
  • The card game starts with each competitor placing a card on the grid. Each card has numbers on all four sides. Whenever an opposing card is placed next to a card, their numbers on adjacent sides are compared. The higher number wins and the competitor with the winning card then flips the opposing card and ‘captures’ it.
  • Whichever player captures the most cards until all 9 cards have been used is the winner.

Advanced Rules

As you advance in your skills and travel around the Fantasy VIII world, you will meet many NPCs to go up against. In doing so, you will also see different rules. These can either be Regional Rules or Match Rules. If you have played any casino titles like those on Megaways Games before, you know just how important it is to know the exact rules before you start, so it’s important to quickly get over them.

Regional Rules differ based on your location inside the game. These change on a daily basis. Match Rules can be set either by the NPC or by yourself when you challenge another player.

Here is a list of all the Advanced Rules you can see at any given time.

  • All Open – opponents can see each other’s deck.
  • Three Open – opponents can see three random cards in their opponent’s deck.
  • Sudden Death Scenario – in the event of a draw, each player will use the cards they had control over in the match.
  • Random – your deck is chosen randomly from your collection.
  • Fallen Ace – a card with “A” can be captured by a card with only “1”.
  • Reverse – weaker numbers can capture stronger ones.
  • Same – if your card has the same numbers on the adjacent sides of two or more of your opponent’s, you will capture all the neighboring ones with that number.
  • Plus – if the numbers on your selection add up to the same number as the sum of adjacent sides of two or more of your opponent’s neighboring cards, you will capture them.
  • Order – your deck must be played in its exact order.
  • Chaos – your selection is made at random in each turn.
  • Ascension – when a certain card type is played, its value is increased by 1.
  • Decension – when a certain card type is played, its value is decreased by 1.
  • Swap – one of your cards will be swapped with one of your opponent’s at random before the match begins.
  • Draft – each player must build a deck with options shown to you before the match. These options will not be from your own collection.
  • Roulette – Advanced Rules will be selected at random before the match.

With all of these Triple Triad rules, there is pretty much no way that you could get bored when you play at Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII. Such interesting aspects are what make RPGs one of the most popular game genres among fans from all over the world. Because you can delve into much more than just the main game, giving you a lot more choice to enjoy as a player.


Fantasy VIII was a big name in the world of RPGs and that is thanks to a lot of aspects. The inclusion of Triple Triad in it and future versions is just a bonus on top of everything that the title promises. With interesting rules and the chance to grow your collection, this inclusion adds another fun and exciting element for anyone who devotedly plays this title. Whether you wish to go up against an NPC or take part in an open tournament, Triple Triad is a highly addictive part of this title.