Is Online Gaming the New Social Media?

Games and social media have different target audiences, but they both have shown qualities that make them mediums of communication. Social media is primarily for networking and passing down information, while gaming is a form of entertainment for most people.

Online games are team games that require players to be in constant communication with each other. This interaction can be considered some form of social media. These free essay samples show players exchanging information and clues in ways that show the development of social ties and loyalty to each other.

Today, a college student will communicate with friends through gaming like they would on social media accounts. According to information from a database of essays on media and communication, they will form groups where they compete and share information on bonuses and promotions.

In fact, many companies have realized the power of social media and gaming that they have created products that make sharing information more accessible and more manageable. Telegram makes it even easier to share free images and game topics with large groups.

How Two Rivals Made Unlikely Allies

Players like sharing their scores as a way of bragging, which is how most people started posting on what looked like gaming social media platforms. They would talk about their scores in certain games, which slowly built up to what it has become today.

Total strangers will chat about their game experience and how they have become experts in their area to encourage each other. Social media companies saw this and encouraged it by spreading the word among other players who showed interest in the same games.

Slowly, these two industries started merging. Now, you will find lots of gamers on social platforms that encourage their activity. Some new players have been influenced into gambling by their friends after seeing the trends on these platforms.

Can these two coexist? They have been for a while since they are not mutually exclusive. Reddit has been a haven for gamers when they need to ask questions and bond.

They form small groupings and dwell on the game at hand or discuss the games to play on social media. Rivals have become each other’s biggest supporters, which is encouraging and commendable.

If you search online, you will find written essay examples and samples that show how these two industries feed off each other.

Why Students Use Gaming as a Social Connection

We were discouraged from playing video games for the longest time as they were not of value to our lives. We live in different times because now, you can score a scholarship depending on how well you play a game, which brings a whole other aspect to the sociology of it all.

Game developers need to nurture new talent, and they are doing this through interacting with a gamer’s ability to do well in the game. If they show strategies that impress developers, they will find themselves in a database with other likely talents and even win monies to study the game.

This practical way of deciding who makes the cut into video development is a welcome idea received well among gamers. Students share this news in their networks so that more of them can benefit from these offers.


Social media and gaming will remain two different entities, but they do need each other. The topic, whether one is now the other, is a little stretched since they are both necessary. Not every gamer has a social presence in the same way, not every social media personality is a gamer.

Over the years, we have seen these two industries working together to make an unlikely alliance. The gaming industry needs social platforms where users can exchange strategies and information and bond over their love for their respective games.

On its end, social media benefits from having a vibrant following from the gaming community.