Is The World of Electronic Entertainment Open to Gay People?

The world in the 21st century started to open up to new things. Some of those things were considered taboo in the past. Being openly gay is one. Because of that, gays entered the scene and never left it. LGBTQ+-related things are essential in cafes, restaurants, and the fashion industry nowadays. The electronic entertainment and gaming industry is no exception. Numerous gaming developers introduced gay characters into their games. Some of the games are leaning towards the LGBTQ+ community. Keep on reading and find out what characters love the same gender.

Why Is the Gay Community in Favor of Video Games Targeting LGBT Individuals?

Video games are one of the most popular American hobbies. It’s not surprising that many guys on the platform with USA gay personals mention they like combining game nights with date nights. Video games are a common chat topic on gay dating sites. Men love games and bond thanks to them. When two gamers meet, they don’t go through awkward silences online or in person. There is always something to discuss. One of the discussions gay gamers always have is the lack of video games targeting LGBT people. But should there be games, especially for LGBT members?

There are specific games for different people: nerds, casual players, puzzle lovers, adventure seekers. Of course, there are games where a person can find gay or pansexual characters. Games such as Night In The Woods, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Life Is Strange have the option to pursue a gay relationship, but that doesn’t mean those games are reserved only for LGBTQ+.

Developers are trying to include a variety of genders and sexual orientations because they’re trying to reflect the world in their games. This is important to mention before moving forward. There are no games that are against or are attacking gays or any other LGBTQ+ members.

How do Video Game Characters Reflect on Romantic Gay Relationships?

Including gay characters in games and the gaming world helps raise awareness about gays and their rights that are not being respected in real life. It’s not crazy to think some video games help people accept people who are different from them. Also, if a member of the LGBTQ+ community plays a video game with gay characters, that can help their self-esteem and make them feel more accepted in the world.

A scenario where two same-gendered people end up together can help a person start seeking a partner online. The internet is a place where it’s easy to find a perfect match, especially if a person searches on dating sites. There are a lot of gays who feel more confident after seeing that there are people on dating sites who love playing video games.

It’s easier to start a conversation if you share an interest with a potential partner. Talking about your favorite game can help you connect, especially if you share the same amount of enthusiasm. Also, a good excuse to invite a person over and see what else happens; besides playing a game.

There are video game characters who inspired gays to come out, to start dating, or accept themselves. Kaidan Alenko (Mass Effect 3) is a progressive character. Bisexual and open to starting a relationship with a main male protagonist. Ellie (The Last Of Us) has moved into the role of the main protagonist as the series moves forward. But, she also moved into the role of a young lesbian. Vamp (Metal Gear Solid) is a knife-loving vampire who plays for both teams, dwelling between Fortune and Colonel Jackson.

How Orientation and Geek Interest Affects Matching on Dating Sites

Even the birds outside know that finding common ground is a fundamental thing in a relationship. Of course, opposites attract, but having the same interest is a must. You can’t build a house on a lousy foundation; you know that. When being a part of an online dating world, matchmaking is the thing you crave for. Searching for a match starts with comparing your interests.

A geek will search for a person who plays video games, reads a lot, loves everything computer-related, things like that. After matching up with a potential partner, be sure that the conversation will be on fire, especially if there is some exciting news in the video game world. There is just one thing to keep in mind, especially if you’re straight: playing video games with LGBTQ+ characters doesn’t make you gay