Legal Tennis Betting: Everything You Need to Know

Tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on. Provided you’re based in a state that has legalized sportsbook betting, you have a range of wagering options available. What’s more, the professional tennis schedule is packed with top-tier events, with regular tournaments courtesy of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and ATP Tour.

Where is Tennis Betting Legal?

In the United States, tennis betting isn’t available to everyone. Every state is in a position to give the green light to sportsbook betting. However, the path to legalization has been met with staunch opposition. In-person betting is possible in Washington, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Mississippi. Other states like Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Delaware have also approved in-person betting.

Elsewhere in the US, online and mobile betting is also an option. Online sports book betting is currently legal in Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, and throughout the New England region. Online betting isn’t only more convenient, it also allows users to access perks like sportsbook bonus offers.

Tennis Wagers Explained

If you’ve never placed a bet on tennis before, you’ll want to get to grips with wagers. Moneyline wagers are the most common option in tennis. In a typical case, each competing player will be given moneyline odds. If a player has -150 listed next to their name, this means you’ll need to stake $1.50 to secure a $1.00 of winnings. If you’re looking to bet on the underdog in a match, you’ll likely find something like +150 next to their name. If the underdog wins, you’ll get $1.50 in winnings for every $1.00 you’ve wagered.

Other Popular Wagering Options.

In most cases, moneyline odds are the way to go. However, they’re by no means the only option available to tennis fans looking to make a wager. If you’re an avid follower of tennis tournaments, you can bet on the outright result of a competition. This may sound simple enough, but it’s not as straightforward as picking the top-placed player in the ATP rankings. Tennis can be a volatile and unpredictable game. However, if your pick comes out on top, you can expect serious returns on your initial stake.

If you want to put your tennis insights to good use, you can also take advantage of totals bets. Many online sportsbooks offer this style of bet, placing an estimate on the number of sets a match will last for. Gamblers then need to decide whether the final outcome will be higher or lower than this baseline.

Betting on final scores can also prove lucrative. However, being able to forecast final match scores can prove difficult. You’ll need to be familiar with the playing styles and past performance of both tennis pros involved.

Advanced Tennis Bets

If you’ve ever wagered on soccer fixtures before, you’ve almost certainly come across in-play betting. The good news is that many tennis sportsbook operators also allow in-play betting. You’ll need to be watching the match itself to net a win from in-play betting. This betting strategy involves gamblers placing short-term wagers throughout a match. You can place bets on the outcome of every set, using the regular breaks in play to reconsider options.

If you’re based in a state where sports betting is legal, tennis wagers are the way to go. Moneyline bets make it an accessible sport for the inexperienced gambler, while in-game betting makes it a lucrative option for those with real insights. Furthermore, there are comparatively few variables in the mix here.