Leveraging Your Mobile Gaming: Simple Steps

Estimated at $130 billion and expected to double by the end of the decade, the global mobile gaming market is abundant with games. With over 2.2 billion mobile gamers in the world and about half a million mobile apps, there are dozens of genres to get your hands on, from blood-pumping Call of Duty to MOBA games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Heroes of the Storm.

The ever-growing bandwidth and ever-reducing costs of mobile internet make it possible to play directly on your mobile phone, but there are still some difficulties to overcome. Controls may not be as tight as on a PC, immersion may not be that deep, and the overall experience may leave much to be desired…though only for those who don’t know how to maximize the efficiency of mobile gaming! Let us share with you some valuable advice on the matter.

#1 Choose Your Genre

Don’t have any particular game in mind? Then you have to start with choosing a genre that resonates with you. Influenced by literature, music, and movies, you already have your gaming preferences formed, even if you are not aware of it.

Before choosing your genre  – and there’s a lot to choose from: arcade, action, RPG, MMORPG, puzzle, MOBA, RTS, etc. – consider whether you’d like to play alone, focusing solely on your in-game performance, or in a team with other players. Note, however, that games are rarely limited exclusively to the features of the genre they belong to – more often than not, you have to deal with a mix of features from a few adjacent genres.

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#2 Buy a Controller

Touch screen controls suck. When it comes to games where the precision of every click matters – that is, in almost any competitive game – you may need a controller to get an edge over other players. It may connect to your phone via the data port or Bluetooth, but that’s not important as long as you get improved control over the on-screen action.

As mobile games enter the realm of e-sports, more and more high-quality controls appear. For Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and Apple iPhone, one of the best choices would be Gamevice, a controller extending the phone on either side. For those loving standalone controllers, you may like something from Razer.

#3 Take Advantage of Wireless Headphones

Not only is sound critical for immersion, but it’s also crucial for competitive gaming. You want to hear the footsteps of your opponent or the creaking of the door behind which your enemy crawls, do you? If so, forget about phone speakers – they will not provide you with the required sound quality, which could be achieved with wireless headphones. Whether you’re in a fierce battle or solving puzzles, wireless headphones are much more convenient as they produce high-quality sounds and cannot get tangled. Thanks to good wireless headphones you not only hear all the sounds better, but also you can “mute” the outside world thanks to a special noise reduction feature. Plus – they are obviously more convenient than traditional headphones.

#4 Buy a Gaming Smartphone

The smartphone you use is responsible for at least half your gaming experience. Luckily, today’s best smartphones can rival tablets and even consoles like Nintendo Switch, offering high-resolution screens, refresh rates, and power batteries. And that’s good! Don’t we all wish to have a multipurpose smartphone, that will serve us in all necessary spheres of our everyday life? This should include gaming of course.

Depending on the budget and personal preferences, you can choose between:

  1. Gaming smartphones: Asus ROG Phone 5, Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, Red Magic 6, or Nubia Red Magic 5G.
  2. Non-gaming smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, iPhone 12 Pro, or OnePlus 9 Pro.

#5 Switch to Gaming Mode Whenever You Play

You don’t want to get distracted in the middle of the battle, do you? Then it may be reasonable to turn on Gaming Mode, the one available on many Android phones. The implementation may differ depending on the phone manufacturer and Android version, but you will at least boost RAM, get notifications blocked, auto-adjust brightness, and disable calls. This function is becoming more and more popular. With Gaming Mode on you can peacefully enjoy your game! And for sure the last thing we wish for when enjoying an exciting game is somebody’s unwelcome call or message.