Logitech Ergo K860 is the Latest Keyboard Model

Logitech was focusing on office keyboards and devices for everyday use for a long time. However, their new device Ergo K860 steps into the domain of modern, ergonomic keyboards. Whether you perform your regular activities or сhoosing the best adult video games on Insider.Games, K860 is up for any task.


  • Dimensions: 9.17*17.95*1.89
  • Weight: 1160g
  • Connectivity: USB; Bluetooth 
  • Battery type: 2xAAA batteries 
  • Wireless range: 10m

Why you want to use this keyboard: 

  • Curved and soft-split, ergonomic shape. 
  • Comfortable and tweakable wrist rest. 
  • Extended asymmetrical keys for easier adaptation. 
  • Support of the major Logitech software 

What you may dislike about K860:

  • Keys are a bit too spread out
  • No backlights 
  • Deceptfuly wide


Ergonomic keyboards are designed to make their usage comfortable. They prevent unnatural moves such as pinching shoulder blades together. Besides, they reduce wrist strain and prevent tunnel syndrome. 

K860 is an ergonomic keyboard that serves this purpose. It has a curved frame and split keys positions, the soft-split. In the end, you don’t get tired of the keyboard, and it does not affect your health. 

Due to the curved frame, the buttons have changed shape and the distance between them. You hit the buttons under a certain angle while you’re typing. Still, the soft-split makes it easier to adjust for such changes. 

The hard-split counterparts make it more difficult to adapt. However, the distance between the K860 keys may be too big. It will take a while to regain the same typing speed as you used to have with the regular keyboards. 

Another benefit of the keyboard’s design is its wrist pad. Unlike the regular keyboards, K860 has its feet on its front. It helps to create a negative tilt that reduces wrist strain even more. There are two options for the tilt for different positions with the keyboard. 

Overall, the K860 design is its major and most noticeable benefit. There’s a minor drawback – the keyboard is pretty wide and may take a lot of space on your desk. Make sure to have enough room for K860 and any other devices near. 


In terms of sheer performance, the keyboard does not show any impressive results. It uses membrane keys with soft, noiseless presses. If you prefer keys in such a way, it won’t be a problem. 

However, if you’re used to tactile and audio feedback from the keyboard, you should not expect much from K860. Besides, there’s no backlight. It may be an issue during the nighttime sessions at your Pc. 

The keyboard works from two AAA batteries. The lifespan of the batteries is significant, but you still need to change them instead of simply charging the device. Naturally, you can use the USB connection, which will extend the device’s charge. 

Despite these inconveniences, the keyboard shows itself greatly for multitasking. You can operate several devices due to the K860`s Bluetooth connectivity and synchronization with Logitech Flow software. 

Besides, if you have other Logitech devices synchronized with Flow, you can easily switch between them. This feature makes K860 a perfect portable device for everyday office tasks.


There are not many ergonomic devices on the market. And even if the ergonomic design is announced as a feature, usually it is a simple gimmick. K860, on the contrary, provides a full-fledged ergonomic design. It was created with a single purpose – to make the usage of the keyboard comfortable. 

K860 may lack certain performance features. Still, if you don’t chase the flashy attributes, then K860 would be a perfect portable solution for your everyday office tasks or for playing online games.