MillionPugs – Rewards Platform for Gamers, is it legit?

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MillionPugs is a rewards platform for gamers that has recently been launched and is still expanding. It promises its users the possibility of earning valuable in-game content for what they normally do, which is shopping online.

Is it far-fetched and a scam, or a fully legit service that every gamer should know?

Let’s look closer at the MillionPugs platform, how it works, and what you can get out of it.

MillionPugs – What is it?

MillionPugs is a platform allowing players to earn game items simply by shopping online. Once you make a purchase at any of almost 1000 affiliated stores, you come into possession of rewards points, known as pugs™, and credits.

MillionPugs – Is it Legit?

MillionPugs is a fully legit startup operating in the USA. It was founded by gaming-industry veterans who wanted to provide a service that would help players and equip them with fancy in-game items in an effortless way.

MillionPugs owners don’t take any fees from their users. Their entire income comes solely from commissions they get from affiliated brands once users activate deals. Part of it goes to their account, but another one lands on users’ accounts in the form of pugs™ and credits.

How to get fancy in-game content using MillionPugs?

Once you create an account at, you can check out:

  • which brands are on the MillionPugs list,
  • what in-game content you can get in exchange for points, or
  • how many pugs™ or credits you need to afford the desired content.

From there, you can also get links to activate deals.

Nevertheless, the best method of using the service is taking advantage of the MillionPugs browser extension.

The MillionPugs plugin will automatically notify you about available deals every time you visit one of the affiliated stores.

With one click, you can then activate a chosen deal. After you finalize the transaction and it is confirmed, you will see a boost of pugs™ and credits in your MillionPugs account.

Once you collect a sufficient number of pugs™ or credits, you just need to go to, choose the in-game item you need, get a code and activate it in the game. If you don’t do this right away, you can always find the full list of codes in the My Codes section at MillionPugs.

What is the Difference Between Pugs™ and Credits?


Pugs™ are rewards points that were primarily introduced in the MillionPugs platform. You get them by making purchases in partnered stores.

The number granted usually depends on the value of the transaction and the deal that the given brand has prepared for MillionPugs users.


Credits are secondary points introduced into the MillionPugs platform based on users’ feedback to facilitate and speed up the process of earning in-game content. Unlike pugs™, the number of credits is fixed for every transaction made and it usually equals 100 credits.

It is also worth mentioning that just after making a purchase, the number of pugs™ enters into a pending status waiting for confirmation, while credits land right away on your account.

Therefore, credits can be spent sooner, so they are a great way of getting fancy in-game content quicker.

Nevertheless, both of these can be redeemed for in-game content, like Doubloons for World of Warships, new carbines and skins for Heroes and Generals, premium kegs for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, and many others.

What fancy in-game content can you get?

The MillionPugs platform is fresh, so it is still under expansion.

Nevertheless, it already collaborates with reputable games such as:

  • World of Warships,
  • Heroes and Generals,
  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, or
  • Kards.

It is also planned to add soon to this list EVE Online, Valorant or League of Runeterra.

Currently, the platform offers various kinds of premium in-game content in exchange for pugs™ and credits.

Let’s look at some of the examples.

World of Warships Game Content

World of Warships players can earn:

  • from 250 up to 2500 easy Doubloons,
  • Petty’s Officer Pack, or Ensign Endowment,
  • Admiral’s Asset.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game content

For Gwent: The Witcher Card Game gamers, the MillionPugs has prepared:

  • from 500 up to 2500 Meteorite Powder,
  • from 2 to 15 ultimate premium kegs,
  • Ultimate starter pack with various types of kegs.

Heroes and Generals in-game content

Heroes and Generals fans can get:

  • from 1200 up to 30 000 Gold,
  • Machine Carbine, or Flammenwerfer 41,
  • Super Packs.

MillionPugs – Is it Worth It?

Free-of-charge and easy way to get in-game content

As you can see, using the MillionPugs service and installing the MillionPugs browser extension allows you to acquire valuable in-game content that usually can be earned by completing tedious or challenging missions or purchased with real money.

By using the service, you don’t have to incur any additional costs or devote your time on missions purely to getting the resources you need.

Instead, you can free up your time and spend it on the missions and battles you want to complete.

Various Types of Brands and Games

What is more, MillionPugs collaborates with various types of stores and games. You can earn pugs™ or credits by ordering a pizza at Grubhub, ordering groceries at Walmart, or purchasing food for your dog. You have almost 1000 brands to choose from, so you probably don’t have to even change your shopping routine to earn points.

What is more, MillionPugs is still growing. The list of games already included the most popular and reputable ones, but it is evolving on a regular basis. Therefore, soon you will be able to get even more fancy in-game content.

All in all, MillionPugs is a must-try if you are a gaming enthusiast and shop online frequently.

Using the platform and the MillionPugs browser extension, allows you to quickly come into possession of powerful game items like skins for World of Warships or Heroes and Generals. You can try it out for free without any strings attached and experience how quick and effortless it is to collect rewards points and get in-game content for various games.