Mobile Esports Are Booming In Southeast Asia!

The most popular mobile esports in Southeast Asia are Free Fire, Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, and Mobile Legends. Millions of viewers tune in to watch gamers compete in these exciting games. You can bet on all mobile esports at Mobile esports are far more popular in Asia than in the West.

Moonton Games just hosted the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang SEA Cup (MSC) in Malaysia, which featured a juicy $300,000 prize pool. This event was a big deal for Malaysia, and even Malaysia’s Minister of Sport and Youth was in attendance! Moonton Games isn’t stopping there and have other big events planned for later in the year!

Why Are Mobile Esports So Popular In Southeast Asia!

Industry experts say many Southeast Asian youths have turned to mobile esports because traditional sports infrastructure is very poor in the region. With high population density and lack of facilities, many youngsters don’t have the opportunity to play sports.

Southeast Asians spend a lot of time on their mobiles, and thanks to the creation of cheap smartphones and free-to-play games, many youngsters have become glued to their screens. Young kids are no longer interested in playing football. They would rather play games on their mobile, and when they aren’t playing, they are watching their friends!

It isn’t just the lack of access to sports equipment and facilities that are spurring the growth of mobile esports in Southeast Asia. It is also the fact that many people can not afford to play games on computers and consoles. Due to financial constraints, they can only play games on cheap Chinese smartphones. If kids could buy state of the art pcs, mobile esports may even be a thing in this region.

Mobile developers have noticed the potential of mobile esports in Southeast Asia and have been aggressively investing to ensure that it is not some passing trend. With organizers hosting events and putting up large prize pools, expect mobile esports to continue to grow in the region!

What Is The Future of Mobile Esports?

Mobile esports has already proved a smash hit in Southeast Asia. Developers and esports organizers are now focused on converting Western gamers! Moonton has started to expand to other regions. They recently established a pro league in Brazil and are looking at creating another one in the Middle East. They see Brazil as a massive market thanks to the success of Free Fire in the country.

Mobile esports still faces a major uphill battle in winning support in North America and Europe. In these major regions, most series esports fans look down on mobile gaming as being inferior. North American esports organization Dignitas even tweeted that “Mobile Gaming Is Not Gaming.” However, we think in a few years, the mindset will shift, and there will be massive mobile esports tournaments hosted in Europe and America.