Nexon Europe Announces New Shooter in the Combat Arms Family

Combat Arms: Line of Sight to be released in 2015
Nexon Europe announces the upcoming release of military FPS Combat Arms: Line of Sight, a new title in the record-breaking multiplayer FPS Combat Arms line-up.Combat Arms: Line of Sight is being developed by BlackSpot Entertainment, the former producer of one of the most popular online FPS games, Combat Arms, which has over 7 million registered players in Europe. Since 2011, the developers have gathered ideas and feedback from Combat Arms players to include in this new title. The cornerstone was to stay true to the Combat Arms core gameplay style whilst bringing in unique features that create another challenging military FPS experience for the players.

In Combat Arms: Line of Sight, the discovery of a dormant gene UEGN-0076 enables humans to develop telekinetic powers. A secret subdivision of NEMEXIS, the weapons company that has been conducting the biological research featured in Combat Arms, has managed to weaponise this special gene. As a player of Combat Arms: Line of Sight, you have inherited the enhanced use of these telekinetic abilities in the form of superhuman powers and psychic weapons.

Combat Arms: Line of Sight features almost unlimited and visible weapon customisation options. Shooter fans will experience well-balanced, fast-paced gameplay across a variety of maps and modes including new PVP matchups, such as the intriguingly named “Crystal Boost” mode giving players the opportunity to acquire and use their superhuman powers.

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“Launching this new title into the Combat Arms family will be a big hit with FPS fans,” says Kenny Chang, CEO of Nexon Europe. “The distinctive features on top of the military, modern world setting make Combat Arms: Line of Sight unique, fun and highly challenging”.

Like all of Nexon’s titles, Combat Arms: Line of Sight will be free-to-play and will launch in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Turkish.

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