Real Steel Champions releases on iOS

Reliance Games today announced Real Steel Champions is now available for iOS. Based on the popular movie franchise and the latest in a series of hit Real Steel games from Reliance and DreamWorks Studios, this is the first game that lets you build robots and then battle with them.

Featuring 10 new arenas, Real Steel Champions lets you create a nearly unlimited combination of robots from both exclusive and legendary robot parts, including fan favorites Atom, Zeus, Noisy Boy, Midas and Metro. Choose from iconic Heads, monstrous Torsos and power-packed Hands and Legs to customize and build your very own steel supremacy. Once you’ve locked down aesthetics, combine and utilize strategic boxing moves to devastate each opponent with heavy and special attacks, ultimate upgrades, critical hits and devastating finishers.

Real Steel Champions comes packed with a new Tournament mode which includes 20 fights with 4 ruthless bosses, each prepped to go the distance. Players can perfect their jabs, crosses, feints and haymakers across 30 challenges, 90 Time Attack fights and practice their glove game in unlimited Free Sparring mode.

Real Steel Champions is a reflection of our players’ interest in building robots and battling with them,” said Manish Agarwal, CEO of Reliance Games. “We’ve had over 50 million downloads globally of our Real Steel games, and our players are vocal! This is the game they’ve been waiting for.”

“It’s been incredible to see people so engaged with the Real Steel games since the release of the film,” said Jeff Small, President and COO of DreamWorks Studios. “It speaks to the quality of the games and depth of passion of our fans.”

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