Revealed: America’s Most Popular Casino Games

As more and more states legalize online gambling, betting sites are expanding their range of games to provide players with incredible online experiences. And with the online gambling sector expected to grow to $100 billion in 2026, we’re likely to see even more sites enter the market and offer a greater variety of slot and traditional casino games for their customers to enjoy. 

When you sign up for a gambling gaming site, you will be immediately presented with a significant number of themed slot games, special offers & bonuses that can inspire you to try out new games that you’ve never previously enjoyed. This is part of the allure of online gaming, as you can experience lots of games and formats from the comfort of your own home. It’s probably true to say there are almost as many slots to choose from as there are different computer games.

But with so many available online, what are America’s most popular casino games in 2021? 

Slot machines are Incredibly Popular

Visit a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, or perhaps Atlantic City in New Jersey, and you will see many people crowded around the slot machines, hoping their investment will land them a huge jackpot. When it comes to online gaming, it’s no different. Online slot games are extremely popular with online players.

There is an incredible variety of slot games, from massive jackpot slots to old classics with just one payline. And new titles are released almost every day.

Perhaps the most popular online slot is Starburst, a game that has been at the top of the charts almost from the day it was first introduced back in 2012. This gorgeous slot can be enjoyed on a variety of sites, including Caesars Casino in the US and STS Casino in the UK, which provides all the popular US games.

Also played a lot are slot games like Bonanza Megaways, Gonzo’s Quest, and Butterfly Staxx. The beauty of slots is that anyone (of legal age) can play them, and they don’t require any skill or strategy.

Providing you have a basic understanding of how the games work, deposit some money into your online account and get started on the slots in a matter of minutes. This makes them incredibly popular with online gamblers. 

You can’t beat the casino classics

In spite of the allure of slot machines, the traditional casino table games are much loved by online gamblers in America. When the excitement of the slots, with their attractive promotions and bonuses, wears off, people undoubtedly find themselves playing their favorite traditional casino classics online. 

All online casinos offer players the chance to play traditional games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. The user-friendly interface and the exceptional graphics make the games engaging and compelling. In many cases, players can’t believe the quality of these online games, which makes them all the more appealing than heading out to a brick-and-mortar venue.

Any readers who have visited the interactive casino in GTA V will know the variety of games on offer at a typical gaming establishment.

Choose a Site with Variety

The hardest decision you will face when signing up for online gambling is which site to choose. There are so many companies competing for your attention, and they try and entice you with great-value sign-up offers and in-play bonuses that give you more money to spend on the site. 

You will need to choose a betting site with lots of variety to ensure you can get the most out of your online gambling experience. As well as themed slots, you should browse the catalog of traditional casino games and other interactive gambling opportunities before submitting your details and placing a deposit. 

Check a Site’s Credentials

You will also need to ensure the site that you sign up for is trustworthy and licensed. With so many sites appearing on the market, you need to go with a company that you trust. Look for licensed sites like TwinSpires Casino, owned by Kentucky Derby team Churchill Downs, or Caesars Casino, owned by the well-known Las Vegas company. They should be independently regulated, so your money is protected should anything go wrong.

Before signing up, check out the company’s registration details (these should be on their website), and make an effort to find out who they’re regulated by. You can also read some independent reviews that have been written by customers who have previously used the site. 

When you’re happy that the site is licensed and legitimate, you’re ready to play! Whether you love blackjack, roulette, or the incredible choice presented to you by the themed slots, you will have an awesome time gambling online on your chosen site.