SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance – Available on Steam

The Enhanced Steam Release for SHMUP Fans Is Here! 15% off to celebrate launch week!

Brain Shape Games is happy to announced that “SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance”, is now available on Valve’s Steam platform. This enhanced version of the PC game features full Steamworks integration for achievements, stats, leaderboards, cloud saves, big picture mode and trading cards. Along with the Steam additions, the game has been upgraded from its original PC release with improved visual effects, enhanced graphics, gameplay tweaks and more!

SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance comes packed with an original story spanning 36 missions, as well as nine survival missions, four ship classes, tons of ship upgrades, and plenty of couch co-op action for up to four players. In classic SHMUP fashion, players will fight hundreds of on-screen enemies as they furiously battle across the universe.

“SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance” tells the story of mankind’s battle against the Constituents of Nothing (CoNs). After humans began to travel the universe, they encountered this devastating alien race, and are now forced to protect their settlements by powering the shield generators that guard each planet. Players must work together to complete various mission objectives in this epic struggle for survival. Designed from the ground up around cooperative play, SHAR’s four ship classes complement each other for satisfying and challenging gameplay.

Thanks to a hefty 15% launch discount, you can purchase the standard game for $4.24USD, or get it with the soundtrack for $5.09 USD.