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In the past few decades, gaming has risen to a whole new level. Now, we have virtual reality gear, advanced microphones, team logos, and other enhancements. Retro gaming is also on the rise, and Nintendo is one of the biggest names for nostalgic players. Its legendary consoles and games, including 3DS, are unparalleled. Thanks to the ROM technology, you do not need the original hardware to explore these gems.

Every 3DS buff knows what ROMs are and where to get them. Reliable collections of roms here offers hundreds of options for every taste, with guaranteed safety of downloads. But which titles should you choose? Here are the top five games to try. 

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Zelda is one of the longest-lived franchises ever. This chapter was originally released for Nintendo 64 in 1998, and it was praised as one of the greatest gaming masterpieces in history. The player must break the curse to defeat the evil wizard Ganondorf and bring peace to Hyrule.

In comparison with the predecessors, the three-dimensional version is more advanced. First, the graphics are more pleasing to the eye, while the interface is sleek and simple. The quality of gameplay is also higher, and the topography is diverse. 

Super Mario 3D Land

Follow the brand’s iconic mustached character on its exciting mission to defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach. This is easily the best Mario game for the console. It is packed with fun, amazing 3D capabilities, and superb level design. When the game came out in 2019, it was hailed by critics. The title became the first game for the handheld to sell over 5 million copies.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

This chapter saved the role-playing franchise from being killed off. Released in 2013, it revitalized Fire Emblem, which is now one of the most popular Nintendo series. The story is straightforward, the mechanics are clear and different difficulty modes make the gameplay compelling. This game will delight both newbies and seasoned fans of the genre.

Metroid: Samus Returns

This 3D game was a remake of a 1991 classic designed for Game Boy (Metroid II: Return of Samus). It is a trip down memory lane and a fully-featured contemporary platformer. The setting directly follows the events of the first game: The Galactic Federation wants Samus Aran to examine the titular aliens in the Metroid homeworld. On her journey, Samus collects power-up items that enable her to get to hard-to-reach places.

On the one hand, the game is loyal to the original in terms of exploration and layout. At the same time, it includes plenty of novel features — for example, you can use a map scanner. The 3DS technology makes items vibrant and detailed. You will also appreciate the more precise combat mechanics.

Mario Golf: World Tour

The successor to Mario Tennis Open is based on a relatively monotonous sport but presents it with a zany spin. You need to help Mario, Luigi, or other characters to defeat their rivals — humans or bots — in a series of tournaments.

You will see that every chip, shot, and putt is beautifully animated, with an impressive amount of depth. This is one of the best sports titles in the Mario franchise, and it still shines.

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