The Best Games You Can Play On A Laptop With Integrated Graphics

Many gamers do not see laptop gaming as worthwhile. A good gaming laptop is expensive, and some do not believe any gaming laptop can be as good as a PC or console. However, there are dedicated laptop gamers around the world who wouldn’t even consider ‘upgrading’ to another platform.

That being said, good gaming laptops are expensive. You will need to pay premium prices to get the best graphics cards and hard drives. You will also need to take care of insurance for your gaming laptop which, depending on the cost of your device, may be more expensive than regular laptop insurance. If you don’t have the money to spend, can you enjoy games on a laptop with integrated graphics?

While there are some games that will never be as satisfying on a laptop with integrated graphics, the good news is that many games still offer an enjoyable experience. The following games are the best games you can play with integrated graphics.

Grand Theft Auto V

Let’s start with the big one. Grand Theft Auto is one of the most celebrated gaming series out there. The long-awaited GTA V did not disappoint, bringing a fresh experience to gamers who had waited five long years. Although it has been almost ten years since GTA V launched, and GTA VI will not arrive for another couple of years, GTA V is still an awesome game.

GTA V has incredible world-building and looks amazing on the best graphics cards. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play it with integrated graphics. In fact, modern laptops will provide a gaming experience that only sacrifices some of the detail. Anyone who loves the GTA games knows that it is not pristine graphics that make the game what it is.

Rocket League

I know a number of people who overlooked Rocket League in recent years simply because it is now totally free. This is true across platforms, but that should not deter you. Rocket League is an incredibly fun game that you can play online with friends or people around the world. It also works perfectly on a laptop with integrated graphics.

The premise is simple. In teams of eight, you play soccer with rocket-powered cars. It makes for an addictive experience that has remained popular for almost a decade now. It has a special place in pop culture, with artists and celebrities joining (in image and aesthetics at least). Give it a try. You may find it becomes your favorite game.


One of the most beloved games in the world over the past decade, Minecraft is an immersive world in which you can build whatever you want. Because you’re building with blocks and the graphics are fairly simple, Minecraft is perfectly playable on any device. It is one of the things that make it so popular – anyone can play it and enjoy it at their own level, regardless of age.

Minecraft is a great game for gamers using integrated graphics, as you lose nothing in terms of experience. Even if you have a fairly old device, you can play Minecraft with ease.

Don’t Starve

A slightly lesser-known title, Don’t Starve is an excellent game for people with great ingenuity. You play a scientist dropped into a wild world where your goal is simply to survive. You are given no resources or instructions and have to figure it out yourself. It requires creativity and commitment, along with the willingness to fail over and over again.

Since Don’t Starve uses cartoonish graphics that require very little processing power, it is another great title for gamers using integrated graphics and is now available across platforms. You lose nothing in terms of experience.

The above games are enough to satisfy most casual gamers. After all, you can spend hours every day just playing Minecraft, let alone getting through the missions of GTA V. They prove that you don’t need an integrated graphics card – or any specialized equipment at all – to enjoy gaming on a laptop.