The Best Videogames for a College Party

Nothing can beat throwing a college party. With all those classes, lectures, and homework, students should rest and get to know each other better. 

Academic integrity goes way beyond classes; it also touches upon relations among students, regardless of the degree they are majoring in.

With all that said, the format of parties has long been worn off. If you want to jazz up the party and make it memorable, playing Beer Pong is a thing of the past. Of course, there would be people who would fall for that, but let’s be honest, can’t you do better than that? 

These days, games play a huge role in the party’s success. They engage people and make them more excited. Plus, you don’t necessarily need to have plenty of drinks to have a good time. Luckily, there are games for everyone. The following is the list of the best video games to make a college party fun and unforgettable.

Sports Games

Adjusting the party to the people’s needs is what matters the most. Whether it’s you who organizes the party, learning the invitees is crucial. If there are athletes among people, including sports games in the list would be excellent. It goes without saying that those who play sports also play sports games. You can choose among numerous games, like FIFA, NBA, NHL. The great thing about these games is that they are customizable. You can set the time for rounds and keep lots of people involved.


What can a party look like without Fortnite? This game is everywhere. And it is for a reason. Not only does it encompass a hundred of various players, making them fight and move across the map, but it also makes them crafty. Other than shooting straight, players should also think two steps ahead, learning their enemies’ moves. 

What makes the game even more exciting is its dynamics. It doesn’t allow anyone to simply settle in one place and build fortresses, waiting for the enemies. The map shrinks and changes its safe zones to motivate players to move around. 

Fortnite gained overnight success. And it seems the game devs are as inspired as they were when working on the game’s first version. Every season, there are new updates, including mechanics and design, so you will never get tired of this game. But be careful; the game is enticing and can absorb you. This can be a problem when having homework to do. Fortunately, you can buy custom college essays, and rest assured that everything is under control. And, of course, keep playing Fortnite.

Mortal Kombat

You don’t have to play Mortal Kombat to know this game. Having been present since 1992, it is among the most legendary fighting games. People love Mortal Kombat for various aspects. Some adore stunning graphics and animations. Others can’t stop enjoying the moves and zillions of combinations. Whatever they like, Mortal Kombat has lived up to its name. You can choose among many fighters, starting from classic Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, and Scorpion and ending with dark horses like Skarlet, Cyrax, and Nightwolf. It will be an excellent addition to a college party.


Military engagements have always drawn people’s attention. Counter-Strike is a personification of an ever-lasting clash between terrorists and counter-terrorists. Here, you can’t simply play without having a good plan or two. Counter-Strike requires being a quick thinker and decision-maker. 

The game has several tasks, like eliminating other players, rescuing hostages, or defusing a bomb. It can be a fantastic game for a college party, as Counter-Strike (CS for short) allows users to create unique teams and play against one another. 


Card games have recently taken their place under the sun. They are good at flexing brain muscles and making players think twice before picking the card. Hearthstone is an old hand in the world of card games. Created by Blizzard, it became the company’s trump card, showing that it’s still in the game. Hearthstone had its good and bad moments. But whatever they were, the game is the role model for rising card games. Hearthstone is available on PCs and smartphones.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is another brainchild of Blizzard that had made the company famous. World of Warcraft isn’t a typical MMORPG. WoW is a cult game. It is an entire world of adventures, quests, battles, and raids that won’t leave anyone indifferent. World of Warcraft was released in 2004. Since then, Blizzard Entertainment has released a dozen patches, maintaining the game and tailoring it to today’s graphics. You can go to a battleground or arena if you crave to fight with each other. Or you can gather players and go to instances and play versus monsters. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret playing WoW during a college party.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the best online battle arena video games. Developed and released by Valve in 2013, it became among the most successful games. Each year, Dota 2 accumulates hundreds of millions of dollars (a single tournament–the International 2020–has a prize pool of $40 million). So it is no surprise that lots of people drill their skills and strive to become professional players. 

There are two teams of five players each. Every character has unique abilities and a central role – carry, nuker, initiator, disabler, healer, pusher, etc. The primary goal is to destroy the enemy’s ancient tower. While it might sound like an easy task, Dota 2 requires coming up with a good plan. Nonetheless, it is an outstanding game to play during a party.


Battle royale games are top-rated these days. With their shrinking safe areas, vast maps, and fights for supplies, rounds are never tedious. 

PUBG or PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a trailblazer in royale battles. And to date, it doesn’t have competitors. Apart from offering one-of-a-kind graphics, PUBG rounds are filled with headshots, explosions, and chases, i.e., everything you should expect of a battle royale. If you like joint operations and split-ups, PUBG will tickle your nerves. PUBG is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android.