The Gambling Law Review: Belgium

The gambling industry in Belgium is thriving right now. However, if you are interested in joining some of the best Belgian casinos, there are many things you should know about how they operate. By reading this article, you’ll find out all about the Belgian laws regarding all types of gambling, how licenses are acquired, and many other legal issues. So, tune in to learn more.

The Belgian Gaming Commission

The Belgian Gaming Commission regulates all matters that relate to the Law of May 7th,1999. All betting and gambling activities fall under this category. The same law states that all betting and games of chance are strictly forbidden unless the online casino’s van Belgie (Belgium online casinos) are licensed by the Kansspelcommissie. Moreover, promoting and even playing such content is prohibited, even if the player is unaware that they are unlicensed.

The law defines games of chance as any activity that includes payment by the player who then has a chance to win. Therefore, sweepstakes, commercial contests, private poker, and bingo are either fairly restricted or forbidden.


The Belgian National Lottery has a monopoly on Belgian lottery entertainment. This was decided by the Law of December 31st, 1851. According to it, all lottery games, tombolas, and scratch card games are prohibited unless they are from the national lottery service. There are several articles in the Penal Code of Belgium that penalize illegal gambling establishments and activities.

Gambling Policy

There are two components that form the foundation of the Belgian gaming policy. 

●       The state-owned National Lottery operator’s monopoly system for public lotteries makes up the first component.

●       The second component is based on a general prohibition on all actions that fall within Article 2 of the Act’s definition of a game of chance unless the operator has secured a license from the Belgian betting and gaming council.

Casino License

A license is required for all forms of real money gaming and betting, in both traditional, online casinos and/or casino mobile Belgique. The following licenses are required in the gaming industry:

●        A license is necessary for class 1 activity (casinos). An additional license A+ is needed if activities include providing games or wagers online. As of June 2020, all nine of the available licenses are still valid.

●        A license B is required for Class 2 activities (arcades), and a separate license B+ is needed if the activities take place online. As of June 2020, 28 of the 180 available licenses are in use.

●        A license C is required for Class 3 operations (cafés and establishments that serve alcohol) in order to use a maximum of two games (bingo and/or one-ball).

●        A license F is necessary for Class 4 activities (bookmakers). An F1 license is necessary to manage wagers. An additional license is required for online gambling. By June 2020, 23 of the 35 available licenses will be in use. 

Moreover, the Belgian Gaming Commission doesn’t recognize licenses from foreign jurisdictions. This means that any foreign operator who wishes to do business in Belgium must receive a Belgium game license. Therefore, in order for them to be deemed a safe casino website, they require both a land-based and an online license.

Rules of Belgian Casinos

Here are the main restrictions of casinos in Belgium.

  1. Casinos and gaming arcades do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to enter.
  2. Betting is not allowed for underage people.
  3. Certain individuals are prohibited from entering casinos and gambling arcades under the Gaming Act.
  4. Except for credit and debit cards, it is against the law to provide credit or make a loan when doing a financial or other transaction at a casino to cover a wager or a loss.
  5. In class II, III, and IV gambling establishments as well as for online games of chance and bets, credit card payments are not accepted.
  6. Additionally, class I, II, III, and IV gaming facilities are not allowed to have ATMs.


So, there you have it! These are the most important facts to consider if you want to gamble in Belgium. Additionally, the most important thing is to do your research and gamble responsibly.