The Most Realistic Sports Games You Can Play in 2022

While most of us have at least a passing interest in sport, there is a large group of people for whom athletic competition is a passion. They will attend as many games in person as they can, watching the rest live on TV. They’ll be continually plugged into social media so that they can stay abreast with all the latest developments, and they’ll be on the lookout for great bets they can place on upcoming games. Many of these fans will also look for free bet offers from sites like Virgin Bet, so that they can increase their value even further. 

For the most diehard fans, who are always looking for ways to feel close to their sport, video games are the logical next step. 

Not all games are created equal, though. Some are what count as “arcade” titles, namely ones that are designed primarily for fun with no (or less) concern for realism. For example, Mario Kart is incredibly fun, but it is nothing like racing in a real go kart. 

Sports simulator video games do the opposite, focusing primarily on realism. Some do a better job of achieving this than others, though that can partly come down to the particular sport that the game is aiming to replicate.

If you’d like to play a realistic video game in 2022, here are some of your best options:

MotoGP 22

MotoGP is the premiere class of motorcycle racing. Thanks to this, it attracts all of the best riders and millions of fans. If you’d like to step into the leathers and get into the saddle like your favorite MotoGP heroes, then MotoGP 22 is the video game for you. 

Apart from all the usual trappings of a modern video game, such as beautiful graphics that can look akin to real life from certain angles, MotoGP 22’s creators have put a lot of effort into making their game handle as realistically as possible. 

The previous iteration, MotoGP 21, was even criticized for being so realistic it was sometimes too difficult. This year the developers have addressed those concerns with some additional assist options, but if you want the hyper-real experience, that’s still an option. 

Football Manager 2022

In recent years, EA Sports has made big strides in creating a more realistic simulation of football, but there’s only so far you can go when you’re sitting on a sofa rather than running around a field. 

Football Manager, on the other hand, takes things to a whole new level. 

Since you take the role as the manager rather than a player, Sports Interactive – the title’s creators – have been able to create one of the most realistic sports games on the market. 

Each year, the new releases add in additional elements to get even closer to the real world. Football Manager 2022 is currently the most realistic option on the market, and Football Manager 2023 is expected to drop before the end of the year. 


iRacing is a racing simulation game that’s regarded among many tech-savvy petrol heads as being the most realistic on the market. First released in 2008, it has been gradually improved over the years, with its tracks, cars, and events all accurately reflecting their real-world equivalents. 

To do this, the game’s developers have used LIDAR technology to scan circuits and cars and recreate them in the game. This means even the smallest of bumps in a track’s surface will be included, simulating the destabilizing effects these can have on a car. 

To enforce realism further, players can only drive with an in-cockpit view, unlike other racing games. VR headsets and force-feedback wheels are also supported to create an experience that is very close to actually being in the car yourself.  The levels of realism offered by iRacing is so high that the game is enjoyed by many professional race drivers, including several that compete in Formula 1.