The PSP was ahead of its time

The gaming industry has seen some fantastic consoles and handheld devices from the PS2 to the Gameboy. The industry has also seen some interesting consoles with the Virtual Boy and Sega 32X coming to mind immediately.

However, the Sony PSP was in a league of its own and probably a game too soon to the market. Much like the Sony Dreamcast, it is still held in high regard by fans today who want to see Sony release a more modern version. Is there a market for it today?

The History of the PSP

Way back in 2005, Sony broke into the handheld market. With America the first to get their hands on the PSP it sold over 17 million units. When it finally made it over the pond, it sold 12 million units in Europe and 3.2 million in the UK alone. Worldwide the PSP was a huge success and sold over 76.3 million units.

The PSP was incredibly popular with fans who were able to play some of their console games on the move very much like the Nintendo Switch today. However, this was groundbreaking to use a disc with the format UMD, which nobody had seen before in the gaming industry much like a new online casino at the time.

Was it a failure?

Some could argue that is a failure; not in sales as previously mentioned but there were issues. This was through no fault of the idea and probably the execution of the technology at the time. However, it was the fault of Sony who was not pushing the bigger name games to be sold on the PSP but keeping them exclusive for the console version.

For that all-around Sony experience, they really missed the boat and let the great PSP down.

What made it good?

The design of the PSP was superb for a handheld gaming device. With its sleek rounded edges and huge screen for a handheld device, the PSP was a cool-looking device and everyone wanted one.

The games that were released were certainly entertaining and the graphics were very much like nothing that had been seen on a handheld device especially given the rise in mobile gaming.

Given that at the time the console that was on offer for the masses was the PS2, the PS3 would not be released until 2007 in Europe, where there was a considerable step up in entertainment. Sony should be given credit for such a brilliant device.

The PS Vita

In 2012, the foundations of the PSP gave way for the creation of the PS Vita another very popular handheld gaming device and one that is up there on the same pedestal as the PSP (the PSP go was released in 2009). The Vita is still popular today and will still set you back around £100 to buy the device.

Is it time for Sony to jump back into the market?

With the PSP nearly 20 years old and the Vita 10 years old, may believe it is time for a revival of the handheld device. Whether Sony wants to go head to head with Nintendo again with the Switch proving to dominate the market is hard to tell. However, we know that fans would love a Mario vs Crash Bandicoot war once again!